Metamax - for the treatment of heart disease.

Pharmacological action

Metamax increases the intensity of metabolic processes, work capacity, reduces the symptoms of mental, physical exercise triggers tissue, humoral immunity, has cardioprotective effect.

Application Metamax in acute ischemic tissue damage reduces the rehabilitation period, to reduce the area of ​​necrosis. When chronic heart failure drug increases the amount of myocardial contractions, increases physical endurance, reduces the number of angina attacks.

In the treatment of acute, chronic ischemic cerebral circulatory Metamax help redistribute the blood flow in the ischemic areas, thereby improving blood circulation.

Apply Metamax in ophthalmology - with vascular, dystrophic pathology of the fundus tool improves blood circulation of a regional nature.

In chronic alcoholism using Metamax in a state of withdrawal symptoms can be eliminated somatic functional disorders of the nervous system.

After applying Metamax inside, it is rapidly absorbed, the maximum concentration is reached after one to two hours. When administered intravenously, the greatest concentration of the drug reaches across 10-15min.

Product form

Metamax release capsules, solutions for injections.

Indications MetaMax

Metamax effective in circulatory disorders of the brain ischemic, cerebrovascular insufficiency, decreased physical performance, dyscirculatory encephalopathy.

Also Metamax instructions stated that it is prescribed for chronic alcoholism, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergic infectious origin of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (drug as an immunomodulator include comprehensive treatment), eye diseases associated with disorders of the retina, retinal vessels.

Application Metamax effectively as part of a treatment cardialgia provoked by degenerative changes of the myocardium, heart disease, degenerative nature.

You can also use Metamax to reduce the period of rehabilitation after surgeries.


Do not take the drug during lactation, organic disorders of the nervous system during pregnancy, in case of intolerance.

During treatment, keep in mind that Metamax enhances the effect of cardiac glycosides, beta-blockers, nitroglycerin, nifedipine, other koronarodilatatorov, antihypertensive agents. You can combine the drug with antiarrhythmic, antianginal (anti-myocardial ischemia), antiplatelet (to treat heart disease) medications, anticoagulants (affect blood clotting), bronchodilators, diuretics.

Instructions for use MetaMax

When the physical, mental strain for adults Metamax instructions take one p / day intravenously - 500 mg or four p / day 250 mg - capsules. Treatment for this condition lasts 10-14sut, it can be repeated through two to three weeks.

Persons who are heavily involved in sports shows take two capsules Metamax p / night for 500-1000mg before exercise, in the 1st half of the day. During a sporting event treatment lasts 10-14dn.

For the treatment of unstable angina Metamax administered intramuscularly or intravenously one p / night - 0. 5-1gr.

For the treatment of coronary heart disease chronic drug taking three p / day one capsule Metamax for four days, after which the two p / week - as one capsule a half months.

When myocardial dystrophy dyshormonal accompanied cardialgia drug taking two p / day one capsule. Therapy lasts 12-14dn.

For the treatment of chronic alcoholism Metamax injected two p / day or 500 mg taken orally two capsules four p / day. Treatment continued for 7-10sut.

In defeat retinal vessels, retinal dystrophy practice retrobulbar (eye injections), subconjunctival application Metamax. To instillation or injection using 10% solution - at 0, 5 ml for 10sut.

In acute circulatory disorders of the brain the drug is administered intravenously one p / day at a dosage of 500 mg for two, three weeks.

 Metamax ampoule
 In chronic circulatory disorders Metamax inject intramuscularly one p / day dose of 500 mg taken orally, or one capsule one to three p / day. Therapy lasts 14-21dn.

For the treatment of encephalopathy dyscirculatory Metamax of instructions is taken orally one to three p / day, one capsule, in the 1st half of the day. Lasts 14-21dn therapy.

In asthma triggered by allergies or infection take one capsule one p / day for 3 weeks.

side effects

Application Metamax can cause low blood pressure, tachycardia, dyspepsia, agitation, allergic reaction (itching, rash).

The instructions Metamax stated that due to an overdose side effects may worsen nausea, agitation, pressure drop, and vomiting. Eliminate the symptoms of overdose gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy of conduct, taking a saline laxative and making cleansing enemas.