Metadoksil pills
 Metadoksil - remedy for alcoholism.

Pharmacological action

Metadoksil - hepatoprotective, detoxification, anti-alcohol drug.

His is the output of acetaldehyde, ethanol, activate the enzymes involved in the processing of alcohol by the body, to prevent the degradation of primary hepatocytes, to restore the ratio of unsaturated, saturated fatty free acids, prevent the development of cirrhosis and liver fibrosis.

Under the influence of the drug reduced craving for alcohol, the severity of physical, mental symptoms of hangover, reduce the period relief of withdrawal symptoms, normal detoxification function of the liver, improves the psychological state of the patient.

Positive reviews about Metadoksil used for psychological correction alcoholic stereotype.

Product form

Producing Metadoksil ampoules (solution for injections, containing 300 mg of active substance), tablets containing 500 mg of active substance.

Dispensed by prescription only.

Indications Metadoksila

Metadoksil used in acute alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, to treat patients in a state of non-psychotic nature astenodepressivnyh.

Good reviews of Metadoksil that is part of a combination therapy of liver disease of various origins.


Metadoksil not take nursing, pregnant women, patients who have had a hypersensitivity to an agent.

Precautions should be a means of bronchial asthma patients, parkinsonism (Metadoksil may decrease the effectiveness of drugs to treat Parkinson's disease, for example, the drug L-dopa).

Instructions for use Metadoksila

Metadoksil according to the instructions in acute alcohol poisoning inject 600mg of 600-900mg is administered by intramuscular or intravenous drip for one and a half hours p / day (the contents of the vials Metadoksila diluted in dextrose or sodium chloride).

To eliminate the alcohol withdrawal syndrome 900mg intravenous drip - one p / day for 3-7dn.

 Metadoksil ampoules
 For the treatment of hepatopathy which has arisen because of alcohol abuse, for the maintenance treatment of chronic alcoholism inject the solution intramuscularly 500mg three p / day. Duration of therapy - at least 90dn.

For the treatment of liver disease, according to the instructions astenodepressivnyh states Metadoksil take tablets - 500mg three p / day for 90dn.

Side effects

Judging by the reviews Metadoksil therapy can cause peripheral neuropathy (peripheral nervous system pathology).

Located in a part of the solution Metadoksil (vial), sodium metabisulfite can cause an asthma attack (especially in patients with bronchial asthma), allergic reaction.

Data on overdose agents have been reported.