Mersilon refers to clinical and pharmacological group monophasic oral contraceptives.

Pharmacological action Mersilon

Mersilon has good contraceptive effect, which is based on the interaction of different factors, among which the most important are changes in the cervical secretion and inhibition of ovulation. Reviews Mersilon argue that, in addition to protection against pregnancy, the drug still has many useful properties, which are determined by the choice of one or another method of birth control. During the dosing cycle becomes more regular and less painful menses are, with a significant reduction in bleeding. In addition, significantly decreases the likelihood of iron deficiency anemia.

Reviews Mersilon, which were obtained by the researchers involved in the preparation of certain features indicate that high doses of Mersilon may reduce the risk of mammary tumors, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, and ovarian and endometrial cancer.

Product form

Form release Mersilon - White round biconvex tablets with a diameter equal to 6 mm.

Indications Mersilon

The only indication for Mersilon, the instruction is confirmed, it is contraception.


It is strictly forbidden technique Mersilon (side effects of such use can be unpredictable) at:

  • arterial or venous thrombosis;
  • diabetes, accompanied by damage to blood vessels;
  • a history of or currently prodrome thrombosis;
  • severe liver disease;
  • liver tumors;
  • vaginal bleeding different etymology;
  • suspected or known pregnancy.

Contraindications to the use of the drug is the hypersensitivity to the Mersilon.

Instructions Mersilon: methods of use

Instruction Mersilon claims that you need to take one tablet at about the same time every day. If necessary, you can drink it with a little water. Like many other contraceptives Mersilon should be taken for 21 days, then you need to make the 7-day break, which accounts for the menstrual cycle.

If, for whatever reason, the woman misses a pill timely, you need to do this as soon as she remembers this, even if already it is time for your next tablet, or will have to take two tablets at the same time.  Tablets Mersilon

Mersilon: side effects

During the reception Mersilon side effects may occur in the following forms:

  • headache;
  • breast tenderness, as well as the appearance of secretion;
  • depression;
  • nausea;
  • migraine;
  • changes in vaginal secretion;
  • intolerance of contact lenses;
  • various skin disorders.

storage conditions

Keep Mersilon need the reach of children, dry place at temperature 2-25 about FROM.