Meratin pills

Meratin - an antimicrobial agent.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Meratin - ornidazol that has antiprotozoal activity (active against Pneumocystis, Leishmania, Trichomonas, Trypanosoma, Giardia, amoebae, Toxoplasma), so the drug is active against amoeba dysentery, intestinal lamblia, Trichomonas vaginalis, clostridia, anaerobic cocci, Bacteroides , fuzobakterii.

Ornidazole after ingestion is absorbed from the digestive tract, and three hours later reaches maximum concentration in the plasma is derived mainly kidneys.

Meratin Combi - combined tool, which included besides Ornidazole is Nystatin, Prednisolone, neomycin sulfate.

Product form

Meratin release tablets in the form of an infusion solution.

Meratin combi produced in the form of vaginal suppositories.

Indications Meratina

Meratin according to the instructions indicated for intestinal, non-intestinal form of amoebiasis, including amebic liver abscess, amoebic dysentery, trichomoniasis.

Positive feedback on Meratin applied in the prevention of infectious complications after surgery in gynecology, proctology.

Meratin combi is used for the treatment of gynecological diseases: Trichomonas vaginitis and fungal (triggered by Candida albicans), bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis, vaginitis caused by mixed infections (yeast-like fungi, Trichomonas, Gardnerella).

Candles Meratin also used for the preparation of prevention prior to gynecological surgery, rehabilitation vagina before an abortion, childbirth, before and after the introduction of the contraceptive intrauterine device before intrauterine examination before and after diathermocoagulation erosion of the cervix.

Meratin combi effective when combined with an oral form of ornidazole.


Meratin of instruction is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, in diseases of the nervous system, pregnancy (do12ned), lactation.

Candles Meratin not be taken during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Later, in the 2, 3 trimesters of drug use is possible only in individual cases. Negative reviews Meratin a candle used during lactation not. If the assigned combination therapy - a combination of candles with pills should stop breastfeeding.

Instructions for use Meratina

Tablets Meratin trichomoniasis take one thing two p / day for 10 days. Treatment of sexual partners is necessary. The permissible dose for children - 25 mg / kg body weight.

For the treatment of amebiasis adults take 1, one p 5g / day (preferably in the evening) for three days. Good reviews of Meratin also apply for an alternative scheme: 0, 5g two p / day for 5-10dn. Children's daily dose - once 0, 025gr per kg.

For the treatment of mixed complicated forms of giardiasis scheme for adults is developed individually. Children less than 35kg according to the instructions Meratin take on 0, 04gr per kg one p / day.

For preventing anaerobic infection take Meratin 1000mg per hour before and two two rows 500mg / day after surgery for 3-5sut.

According to the instructions Meratin taken after meals.

The infusion solution before administration was dissolved in 5% glucose or D-p 0 sodium chloride 9%. A single dose is administered intravenously over 20-30min. Kids after 12l. administered at once 500-1000mg the first day, and after every 8 h at 0, 5g - 5ml / min. Treatment usually lasts 5-10dn. Enter solution Meratin children at the rate of 0, 02gr / kg / day. The daily dose is administered in three divided reception.

If there are indications for long-term therapy, intravenous Meratin continue. Enter the drug at a dose exceeding 4000mg impossible.

The starting dose for the treatment of amebiasis is 500-1000mg and 500 mg every 12 hours thereafter. The treatment lasts 3, 6, 10d.

 Candles Meratin combi
 For the prevention of anaerobic infections after children 12l., Adults solution administered intravenously at a dose of 500-1000mg: first introduction - in 24h. before surgery; second administration - the day of surgery; the introduction of the third - after 24 hours. after operation. The dosage is adjusted individually - 1, 5 mg / kg.

Meratin combi used for 10d without interrupting the treatment, even during menstruation.

Candles Meratin introduced one at a time at night, deep into the vagina. Before the introduction of the candle must be lowered into the warm boiled water or saline solution (recommended for women who are prone to allergies). After the introduction of a candle woman should lie down for about 15 min.

side effects

There are reviews of Meratin, causing dry mouth, drowsiness, irritability, headache, dyspepsia (rare), fatigue.

Meratin in high doses, taken over time can manifest hepatotoxicity. In some cases, the drug triggers an allergic reaction (rash, itching, swelling, angioedema, urticaria), may appear tremor, confusion, incoordination, convulsions.

Candles Meratin may cause irritation of the vaginal mucosa, itching. In this case, treatment should cease.