Menovazin solution
 Menovazin - solution for local anesthesia.

Pharmacological action

Menovazin - combined tool that thanks to forming part of menthol, procaine benozokainu has analgesic and local action.

Procaine (Novocain) - a substance with a mild anesthetic effect, blocking sodium channels, preventing the occurrence of pulses in sensitive nerve endings.

Benzocaine - a tool that is used for surface anesthesia and as procaine prevent the emergence of pain impulses in nerve fibers and sensory nerve endings.

Menthol irritated nerve endings on the skin, is expanding the surface blood vessels, increases the analgesic effect of benzocaine and procaine, creates a feeling of coolness, relieves itching.

In the systemic circulation when applied topically Menovazin misses.

Product form

Produce a solution and ointment Menovazin Menovazin. Means contain one gram benzocaine and procaine, 2, 5 g of menthol.

The solution Menovazin contains 70% ethyl alcohol.

Indications Menovazin

According to the instructions Menovazin used as a local anesthetic at myalgia (muscle pain), neuralgia (pain associated with nerve injury), arthralgia (joint pain). Application Menovazin also effective in itching skin dermatoses - how antipruritic agent.

Contraindications Menovazin

It is undesirable to apply an ointment or a solution to broken skin (injured, diseased burns, dermatitis, eczema, etc.) and the skin where the area to be treated, there is inflammation.

Menovazin contraindicated in pregnancy. To eliminate joint pain, back pain, instead Menovazin during pregnancy is better to use paracetamol.

With care prescribe a means of lactating women, children under 18 years. The rate of psychomotor reactions, concentration means no effect.

Instructions for use Menovazin

 Menovazin ointment
 The solution and ointment Menovazin used only externally. The tool should be applied to areas of skin that are over the affected area and rub. To be most effective ointment or solution is applied two or three p / day and continue to carry out procedures to explicit improvement.

Application Menovazin longer than 3-4 weeks is not recommended. After a while, if necessary, the therapeutic course may be repeated.

According to reviews, Menovazin used in folk medicine for hypertension. The solution formulation lubricate the skin from the neck to the ear twice a day.

Description of side effects Menovazin

According to the reviews and descriptions Menovazin can cause contact dermatitis, allergic reactions. Prolonged use of tools can cause a decrease in blood pressure, fatigue, dizziness.

According to the instructions recommended stop taking the drug if you have problems with blood pressure.

Data on overdose that resulted in the undesirable side reactions, have been recorded.