Cream Menalind
 Menalind - a series of means to care for immobile patients, used to prevent bedsores.

Series Description Menalind

A series of tools to care for patients immobilized "Menalind" produces the German company Paul Hartmann (Hartmann Paul), which specializes in the manufacture of medical products.

The series includes foam to cleanse the body without water, shampoo, cleaning and moisturizing body lotions, creams, sanitary napkins, oil, foam leather with a protective effect.

Active substances Menalind foam cleansing: water; Lactic acid has a bleaching, peeling, refreshing, moisturizing effect; cetyl alcohol, softening the skin; creatine, anti-inflammatory effect. The skin of the patient after application of the foam significantly moisturizes and softens, leaving an unpleasant odor.

Shampoo contains panthenol Menalind - a substance known for its wound-healing, antibacterial and analgesic. Shampoo in this series provides care for overly dry scalp of the patient and soft hair washing, it can be used daily. Those who used the shampoo, note that the hair after using it easy to comb, which is especially important in the care of bedridden patients.

The active substance washing lotion Menalind - panthenol. The funds are used for a complete cleaning of the patient, it is well removes unpleasant smell, does not irritate the sensitive and dry skin.

Moisturizing Lotion Menalind contains chamomile extract, panthenol and bisabolol, which has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Means, as well as cleaning lotion Menalind used for full body wash the patient, but at the expense of power structure it better moisturizes, heals skin microtrauma.

It was found that well help means of a series of Menalind from bedsores. Especially effective for the prevention of bedsores Menalind cream. Its active substances - creatine and zinc oxide has a bactericidal effect, dries the skin. Additionally, a means of pressure sores Menalind removes unpleasant smell, maintains skin immunity assists in forming a protective film on it, and thus prevents irritating feces and urine to the skin of genitals, buttocks and legs. This alone indicates that the cream does not irritate Menalind even sensitive and very dry skin.

Menalind Wipes impregnated with lotion is used for wiping the patient's body. They are well moisturize and cleanse the skin, has antibacterial properties. Napkins can be used when there is no opportunity to wash the sick with water.

Oil Menalind used in cases where the patient skin is very dry or cracked. The tool quickly removes itching, moisturizes the skin, without leaving a feeling of the film. Helps oil Menalind from bedsores and as a means can be used for massage.

Foam skin protective action comes in the form of an aerosol, it is used in cases where there is no possibility to provide constant care for the sick: the protective effect of the foam is maintained for a further 6 hours after application. Actives foam: panthenol, creatine, and aloe and allantoin, which have healing and antibacterial effect. Foam Menalind protects the skin of genitals, legs and buttocks from the aggressive action of feces and urine, which is especially effective if the patient's incontinence.

Dosing series Menalind from bedsores

 Wash Lotion Menalind
 The cleaning foam is applied at Menalind contaminated skin with a distance of 20 centimeters, to one or two minutes left on the skin after wiping and disposable paper towel or cotton.

Shampoo Menalind used in a familiar way: Apply to wet hair, massage your scalp, wash and foaming agent.

The washing or moisturizing lotions Menalind added to the bath or container of cooked water for washing the patient: three liters of water have to cap one of the lotion.

Menalind cream applied to the skin of the patient after washing. Before applying the cream your skin should be well dry. Particular attention in the processing of cream Menalind give dry and irritated skin.

The oil was also applied on the skin after washing, not washed.

The protective foam Menalind applied to clean skin. A small amount of foam gently, without rubbing, spread over the skin, wait until the agent is absorbed, and only after that the patient's clothes.

Side effects and contraindications

Funds from the series Menalind rarely cause side effects, just in case you are hypersensitive to the main and auxiliary substances care products can develop an allergic reaction: redness, peeling, or skin rash.

Serious contraindications to the use of a series of Menalind no bedsores, only idiosyncrasy. Menalind shampoo is not recommended for the treatment of dandruff and hair washing at elevated fat scalp.