Memoria - homeopathic remedy for the treatment of brain disorders.

Pharmacological action

Memoria is a complex preparation, which is characteristic of nootropic action (improving mental performance, memory, brain resistance to external aggressive influences). Also Memoria okazyvetsya antihypoxia, vasoregulating effect, it stimulates blood circulation, nutrition of tissues and cells with oxygen, increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. Constituent means a positive effect on the blood vessels: reduce the permeability of the walls and the sensitivity to vasoconstrictor biogenic substances prevent the formation of blood clots, normalizes blood formula, improve blood flow in the eye blood vessels.

We also know that Memoria improves memorizing information, psychomotor reaction and stimulates mental activity, enhances learning, slowing age-related changes in the brain, returns clarity of consciousness.

There are positive reviews of Memoria, used by patients with circulatory disorders of the brain - the drug eliminates tinnitus, headache, absent-mindedness, fights fatigue, emotional lability.

As indicated in the instructions Memoria it includes Hypericum (Hypericum), Arnica (Arnica), Konium (Conium), Ginkgo (Ginkgo), Ginseng and Ginseng (Ginseng).

Hypericum is used to treat injuries that led to disruption of the integrity of the nerves, spinal cord injuries, brain, neurology, cachexia, neuritis, accompanied by shooting, stitching pain, traumatic neuritis, traumatic epilepsy, writer's cramp, to relieve phantom pain, headaches, paresthesias, pain the hip, the treatment of memory impairment, loss of hair, eye fatigue, eliminate tension in the eyes, nasal bleeding.

Arnica is used for the treatment of apoplexy, concussions, hypertension, shock, pain, fractures, bleeding from the nose, post-operative trauma, atherosclerosis, boils, burns, thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids, bedsores, dizziness when walking, frostbite, weakness, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, paresthesias, bleeding the retina and the sclera, to relieve the feeling of numbness in the hands.

Konium effective when sclerosis, convulsions, paralysis, paresthesia, paresis, insomnia, diplopia, cataract, presbyopia, myopia, severe irritability, fear, mood swings, severe tearing, photophobia, presbyopia. It is used to eliminate the sense of compression in the temples, morning headaches numbing pain, dizziness due to a horizontal position, hot flashes to the back of the head,

Ginkgo composed Memoria - a substance that is used to: eliminate circulatory disorders of the brain, memory impairment and hearing, scattered attention, migraine, vascular atherosclerosis, tinnitus, tremor, fatigue, problems with the violation of the motor koordianatsii to treat meteozavisimosti, mood swings depression, apathy.

Ginseng (Ginseng) is used in lumbago, rheumatism, headaches, sciatica, dizziness, blurred vision, sleep rhythms, nervous exhaustion.

Product form

Memoria produced alcohol in the form of droplets.

Indications Memoria

Memoria according to the instructions indicated for the treatment of disorders of the brain, with memory impairment, reduced attention span.

Effective Memoria during high mental stress, with nervous exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, migraine.

Good reviews of Memoria, used in the treatment of traumatic brain injury, cerebral arteriosclerosis, dementia, circulatory disorders of the brain.


Memoria can not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the constituents.

Pregnant women, lactating women to take Memoria undesirable because Information about the safety of its application is not enough.

Instructions for use Memoria

 Memoria - homeopathic remedy for the treatment of brain disorders
 Memoria should only be taken inside. It allowed the use of droplets in a clean and diluted form (you can add one spoon of water).

Drink Memoria drops 30 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after after.

Memoria instructions for children 5-12l appoint take 5-7kap. three p / day; children after 12l., adults - 10kap. three p / day.

Good reviews of Memoria, an intensive scheme applicable: adults with the disease in acute conditions prescribed 8-10kap.

Memoria every 30 minutes, but no more 80kap / day. After improvement, you can go for free meals application Memoria.

side effects

Memoria can cause allergies, sensitivity to sunlight (if this happens, it is necessary to adjust the dose or stop the drug).