Medihronal - combined medicament for the treatment of acute and chronic alcoholism and alcohol abstinence.

Pharmacological properties

Being combined pathogenic agent Medihronal improves processes of mediation, reduces the content of toxic substances, it increases the functional activity of the cerebral cortex, improves metabolic processes and functions of the nervous system.

Glucose stimulates brain cells and is involved in the metabolic processes. Aminoacetic acid acts as an antidepressant and a sedative, a positive effect on metabolic processes in tissues, normalizes sleep, reduces the severity of autonomic disorders and emotional stress. Low molecular weight povidone has an absorbent action and outputs endogenous and exogenous toxins.

In the opinion of Medihronal reduces withdrawal symptoms and alcohol intoxication.

Product form

Medihronal consists of two packages containing granules in the form of white odorless:

  • 17, 5 g glucose;
  • 7 g of aminoacetic acid and 3, 5 g of sodium formate.

Excipient - polyvidone low molecular medical.

The drug is intended for oral administration.

Indications Medihronala

Medihronal instructions for use:

  • For removal of acute alcohol and abstinence;
  • For secondary prevention of alcoholism;
  • During the treatment of chronic alcoholism to eliminate physical dependence.


According to the instructions Medihronal contraindicated in severe forms of diabetes.

Instructions for use Medihronala

The contents of both packages Medihronala for instructions before use was dissolved in half a glass of warm water. Apply after a meal, a single dose of the contents of the two packages.

 Medihronal - agent for the treatment of chronic and acute alcoholism and alcohol abstinence
 To treat acute alcohol abstinence and Medihronal apply 1-2 times the first day, and then for 2-3 days once.

In chronic alcoholism and secondary prevention Medihronal of instructions used during the week.

Treatment of reviews Medihronalom effectively carry at least three courses with breaks of three days between them.

side effect

In the opinion of Medihronal well tolerated. In rare cases, it may be a skin rash. In this case, you should reduce the dose of the drug.

Data on overdose Medihronalom about drug interactions with other drugs and the possibility of use during pregnancy and lactation is not.

storage conditions

Medihronal can be purchased without a prescription. The shelf life of the drug - 3 years.