Neoton - a drug that stimulates the metabolism.

Pharmacological action

Neoton - an analogue of phosphocreatine, is produced in the human body, providing reduction of muscles involved in the process of development of adenosine triphosphate.

Medicine Neoton used to ensure the normal functioning of the myocardium, impaired due to the slowdown of metabolism during hypoxia or ischemia.

The product eliminates the arrhythmia has antioxidant and diuretic effect, prevents the formation of blood clots, corrects errors of metabolism caused due to excessive physical exertion.

In systemic hypoxia Neoton able to protect kidney tissue, improve blood circulation in the small vessels of.

Product form

The drug release Neoton in solution.

Indications Neoton

Neoton instructions for use in acute myocardial, myocardial ischemia, congestive heart failure, acute circulatory disorders of the brain.

Athletes Neoton prescribed taken to prevent physical stress and accelerate the adaptation to heavy physical exertion.


Neoton not be used if you are hypersensitive.

For greater effect, the drug should be administered in the shortest time possible after the first symptoms of ischemia. Drug mixed with solvent just prior to administration.

During lactation, pregnancy Neoton administered only under strict indications, as data on the safety of its use in these states do not have.

When prescribing the medicine consider that it enhances the effects of other anti-ischemia and arrhythmia and those that stimulate the contraction of the myocardium.

Instructions for use Neoton

Neoton for acute myocardial in the first 24 hours are administered by intravenous bolus - 2-4gr, then drip administered 8-16gr diluted in 200 ml 5% dextrose solution for two hours. In the next 24 hours administered by intravenous drip 2-4gr two p / day. In the third day of infusion should be administered 2g means two p / day. If necessary, the drug is administered in an amount of 2g for six days.

 Dosing Neoton - IV
 In heart failure Neoton administered by intravenous drip 1-2gr two rows / day for 10 days or two weeks.

When myocardial ischemia, which developed during operation, the drug is administered in an amount Neoton 3g per liter of cardioplegic solution. The good effect is observed during the course of injections before the operation - for 3-5dn two rows of 2g / day, and after the operation - for 1-2dn.

To prevent limb ischemia instructions Neoton bolus intravenously administered in an amount 2-4gr, preoperatively. During the operation, pour more 8-10gr Neoton dissolved in 5% dextrose.

side effects

In applying means in therapeutic doses side effects usually do not occur, but rapid intravenous pressure can be reduced.

Data on overdose Neoton, which led to negative consequences, not fixed.