Insti - remedy for colds plant-based.

Pharmacological action

Insti - a combination product which includes extracts of white willow bark, leaves, fragrant violets, adhatody vascular, Chinese tea, spherical eucalyptus, licorice roots, valerian, fennel fruit.

Due to the natural properties included in the preparation of plant components, Insty removes heat helps the removal of phlegm, eliminating inflammation.

Product form

Medicine Insty produced in granules used to prepare a hot solution for internal use.


Insti according to the instructions indicated for the relief of symptoms of SARS: fever, nasal congestion, headache, cough, painful swallowing.

If the body temperature rises above 38grd be seen increased cough, wheezing appear in the lungs, sore throat, purulent expectoration, purulent rhinorrhea with, you need to stop taking the drug, change the treatment (often moving to antibiotics, nesteroidy).

Instructions for use Insty

 Medicine Insty drunk as hot tea
 Adults appoint Insty take two or three p / day. To prepare a solution, granules poured hot water (about 250 ml), stirred and then slowly drink. Drink Insty usually after a meal.

Treatment lasts no more than 7-8dn.

side effects

The only side effect of Insty - allergic reactions in individual hypersensitivity which is part of the extract.

Contraindications Insty

According to the instructions Insty contraindicated in children up to 18L., Intolerance to medication components.

Despite the fact that the composition Insty only natural components, including adjuvants no ethanol, it is not recommended to take during pregnancy (composed are licorice, fennel, are contraindicated to pregnant) during lactation.

Medicine Insty used with caution in disorders of liver, renal function, cardiovascular disease, increased blood clotting.

One of the excipients means is sucrose, which should be considered when applied to patients with diabetes mellitus and those who keep to a diet with reduced sugar content.

Do not take the drug at the same time with the means of cough and sputum production overwhelming because it can lead to stagnation of phlegm and worsening cold.