Kalanchoe medical
 Kalanchoe - a biogenic stimulant.

Mode of action and properties of Kalanchoe

Juice Kalanchoe - herbal drug with anti-inflammatory action.

Tool called biogenic stimulators thanks to the natural properties of Kalanchoe - it stimulates the regenerative processes in epithelial tissues, has a protective effect in case of damage of the intestinal mucosa and gastric ulcer nature caused by ulcerogenic agents with different mechanisms of destructive action.

In addition, the external application of medical kalanchoe helps cleanse the wound of pus, to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissue, to normalize microcirculation in the injury site.

Product form

The pharmaceutical industry produces medical kalanchoe as alcohol tincture or juice in vials or ampoules.

Widespread got squeezed at home from leaves of Kalanchoe juice.

Indications therapeutic Kalanchoe

Externally the juice of Kalanchoe is used for treating trophic ulcers, non-healing wounds, pressure sores, burns, aphthous stomatitis, cracked nipples in nursing mothers, gingivitis.

To be accepted into the juice is prescribed for chronic enterocolitis, gastroduodenitis, gastritis.

Alcohol tincture of Kalanchoe is used to treat inflammation of the middle ear, varicose veins.

Kids Kalanchoe prescribed to treat a cold - it softens the crusts in the nose, causing sneezing active, which is why the mucus comes out faster. Because of these properties of Kalanchoe can be used as a cleaning agent before burying the nose medication therapy.

Mode of application

To irrigate the wound or ulcer take 1-3ml juice Kalanchoe, the procedure is performed with a syringe. After the procedure is applied juice soaked gauze dressing in layers 4-5. To start changing the bandage every day after - in a day. In addition, a p / day lower layers of bandages moistened with juice. Lasts 15-20dn treatment.

Oral mucosa treated with juice 3-4 p / day.

In dentistry, kalanchoe juice before applying heated to 37grd in a water bath.

For the treatment of cracked nipples in nursing women application of Kalanchoe spend a few p / day.

 Juice Kalanchoe
 Inside the juice of Kalanchoe take in diluted form at 0, 25 and 0, 5 cups of hot water accounts for one tea spoon of juice. Take medical kalanchoe four p / day, one hour before a meal (available in one to two hours after eating). Treatment lasts 3-5ned. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

When inflammation of the middle ear dripping into your ears for one, two drops of tincture of Kalanchoe overnight. When varicose veins infusion circular movements rub the feet upward from the feet. The treatment lasts for two to three months.

Kids Kalanchoe best diluted with water to avoid burns of mucous. Approximate proportion - two drops of fresh juice on a teaspoon of boiling water.

Side effects:
  Complaints intolerance Kalanchoe almost none. When applied to a wound may be burning, which is recommended for removal of dilute tincture of equal amount of 1-2% novocaine.

Contraindications Kalanchoe

If you are sensitive to the facility it is better not to apply.