Gel cosmetic scars Mederma
 Mederma - preparation for smoothing scars.

In the opinion of Mederma effective against small cosmetic scars remaining after the removal of tattoos, acne and skin damage of another nature.

The manufacturer claims the gel, which is especially effective Mederma stretch marks formed during pregnancy or rapid weight loss.

According to the instructions Mederma improves the appearance of the skin, stretch marks returns the ability to react to ultraviolet rays, so the skin gets tan and doing stretching less noticeable.

Structure and Composition

The drug is released in the form of a gel, in tubes of 20 g

One envelope contains: xanthan, water, sorbic acid, methylparaben, Cepalin, PEG-4, flavoring.

The analogue gel Mederma is Contractubex.

Pharmacological action Medermy

Hypoallergenic non-greasy gel gently smoothes scars, making them flexible and closer to the natural color of the dermis. Restores the skin from stretch marks, provides them a positive cosmetic effect.

Indications Medermy

Mederma for instructions used in:

  • stretching, resulting pregnancy or drastic weight changes;
  • cosmetic scars resulting from damage to the skin from acne (including after dermabrasion), damage to the skin of another character, after laser therapy (including after removing tattoos);
  • the restoration of the skin after surgery (including after removing moles).

In the opinion of Mederma applied to exposed skin after inflammatory diseases (acne, etc.).

Method of application and dosage

 The preparation Mederma
 According to the instructions Mederma is applied only after wound healing. When applying the gel to the affected area of ​​skin is recommended to use a special massage technique. The gel must be rubbed into the problem area three or four times a day, making a light pressure on the skin for three to five minutes to complete its absorption into the skin.

In the opinion of Mederme, when applied to the skin should be massaged in a circular or zigzag motion, lightly pressing it on the entire length of the scar from the center to the periphery.

The duration of use of the gel Mederma stretch marks, scars and after surgery is three to six months.

Contraindications Medermy

According to the instructions to Mederme contraindication is hypersensitivity to the drug.

side effects

In the opinion of Mederma well tolerated even with prolonged use. Sometimes there may be local skin reactions.

precautionary measures

Mederma Gel is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and do not use on open wounds unhealed. In the case of adverse events should stop taking the drug.

Shelf life and storage conditions.

Store the gel in a dark, cool place protected from children. Shelf life is 24 months.