Mebicar formula

Mebicar - a psychotropic drug used in nervousness and states, as well as to optimize the process of thinking and improve memory.

Pharmacological action

The active substance mebicar has a mild sedative and tranquilizing effects, reduces irritability, feelings of anxiety and alarm.

When using mebicar not marked incoordination. The drug has no direct hypnotic action and long-term use normalize sleep patterns, reduces the frequency of nightmares and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Mebicar also has a strong nootropic, anxiolytic and stress-protective effect and helps to normalize conditions in the mental load and stress, optimizes the process of thinking, the ability to articulate thoughts, improves memory, has a marked effect in speeding up and incoherence of speech.

Mebicar has an antioxidant effect and protects the cells from the action of peroxide compounds and free radicals.

In the treatment of coronary heart disease mebicar improves trophism and myocardial oxygen on  Mebicar pills
 bespechenii myocardial tissue, as well as beneficial effects on blood electrolyte balance, increasing protein synthesis and increasing the energy resources of the cell. Also mebicar used to reduce alcohol and nicotine withdrawal.

According to the instructions mebicar not addictive, dependence and euphoria. The drug takes effect quickly enough, within half an hour after oral administration, and continues to effect up to 6 hours.

Product form

Mebicar produced in the form of tablets containing 300 mg of active substance. 10 pieces per pack.

Indications mebicar

Mebicar instructions for use:

  • For the treatment of various neurological disorders, manifested as anxiety, irritability, emotional lability, phobic, anxiety and depression or panic disorder, that have developed as a result of neuro-psychiatric, psycho-emotional or physical stress;
  • To improve the portability of neuroleptics and tranquilizers;
  • To reduce nicotine addiction;
  • When cardialgia, coronary heart disease and a rehabilitation course after myocardial infarction in the complex therapy;
  • When neurosis-like states in alcoholism, as well as to reduce the craving for alcohol or psychoactive substances.


Mebicar for instructions contraindicated if you are hypersensitive.

Instructions for use mebicar

According to the instructions mebicar can be taken regardless of meals, up to three times a day.

A single dose is usually 0, 3-0, 9 grams of the drug, the maximum daily dose should not exceed '10 mebicar take, depending on the course of the disease, from a few days up to three months, and with serious mental disorders - up to six months.

In an application with drugs mebicar and Drug drug enhances their effect.

Side effects

When applying mebicar allergic reactions may occur in the form of pruritus. Prolonged use or use at high doses can decrease blood pressure momentarily, appear dyspepsia and raise the temperature a few degrees. These side effects are not an indication for discontinuation of therapy and usually go away.

Storage conditions

Mebicar related to drug list B.

The shelf life of the drug - 4 years.