Mastodinon pills
 Mastodinon - homeopathic remedy for the treatment of mastitis.

Pharmacological action

Mastodinon - herbal preparation containing no hormone.

The basis of preparation is an extract of K. prostrata ordinary, which is reduced by the action of prolactin - a hormone produced during pregnancy. An excessive amount of prolactin in the body can cause a malfunction of the ovaries and in some cases - infertility.

It has been observed that after a decline in prolactin levels develop fibrocystic breast stops.

Product form

Producing Mastodinon Mastodinon drops and tablets.


Mastodinon according to the instructions indicated for fibrocystic mastitis, premenstrual syndrome (particularly in cases where it is accompanied by tenderness and engorgement, constipation, edema, nervousness, migraine headaches).

Good reviews of Mastodinon applying for infertility, menstrual disorders, provoked by failure of the corpus luteum.

Instructions for use mastodinon

 Mastodinon drops
 Drops Mastodinon take two sets of 30pcs / night, mixing them with water and a little shaking. The tablets are also two p / night for one thing. Treatment usually lasts for three months. Improvement occurs in about six weeks.

If, after the end of therapy the symptoms have disappeared, should continue to receive mastodinon.

Side effects

There are reviews of Mastodinon, cause allergies, nausea, headache, abdominal pain, slight weight gain, acne, rash, accompanied by itching, hallucinations, confusion, agitation.

Contraindications mastodinon

Mastodinon for instructions contraindicated in malignant tumors in the breast, in case of hypersensitivity during pregnancy.

Nursing women use the drug is not recommended due to the fact that it is peculiar to suppress lactation.

Tablets Mastodinon because the lactose content should not be taken by patients suffering from congenital lactase deficiency, pathology suction galactose, glucose, galactose intolerance hereditary.

When applied in the form of droplets mastodinon should be aware that they contain alcohol, and can not be used in patients with chronic alcoholism. The designated doses to the physical and psychomotor reaction is not affected by the drug. With care prescribe a drop in liver pathologies.

Drinking alcohol and smoking may adversely affect the efficiency of funds.

Over time, the drops may become cloudy, precipitate, but you can continue to take them.