Marvelon - means of contraception.

Pharmacological action

Application Marvelon leads to suppression of ovulation, increased production of the cervical mucus (which in turn makes it impermeable to sperm).

Action Marvelon is based on two components: ethinyl estradiol (30mkg) and desogestrel (150mkg).

Admission Marvelona also causes a number of positive effects: aligned menstrual cycle, become less painful menstruation, and bleeding - less severe, which reduces the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia. There are also reviews of Marvelon, its beneficial effects on fat metabolism, skin condition (for acne vulgaris, for example).

Product form

Marvelon release tablets.

Indications Marvelona

Application Marvelon shown women who want to control the onset of pregnancy.


Marvelon on the instructions can not be taken in diseases of the cardiovascular system (in history and nowadays), smoking women over 35L., In liver pathologies, herpes pregnant and hemolytic uremic syndrome (past and present). Negative reviews about Marvelon, are taking estrogen-in tumors, with severe obesity, porphyria.

Instructions for use Marvelona

Marvelon as instructed start drinking in the 1st day of menstruation. Drink Marvelon pills for 21 days. one at a time daily, preferably in the same time. After completing the course a woman should do a week break, during which usually begin following menstruation. Next after the break Marvelona reception starts on the day of the week that was drunk 1st tablet, even if your period has not ended.

If a pill Marvelon was not drunk in the 1st day mesyanyh, the course can start on the 5th day and take in the usual way: one pill every day, but the first two weeks you need to apply extra protection against pregnancy.

According to the instructions Marvelon women after childbirth should be taken on the first day of the first menstruation after childbirth resolution.

If the woman before taking Marvelon birth control pills, which 21-22sht package, you must take them to finish, and the 1st day of next menstruation start taking Marvelon. Use additional contraception is needed.

If the transition is carried out with a preparation course which consists of 28 tablets, are also beginning to take Marvelon in the 1st day of menstruation (even if you continue to receive inactive pills) and only have to take it. Use  Marvelon pills
 additional contraception should not be.

If taken to Marvelon pills containing only progestogen (mini-pill), the first pill to be taken in the 1st day of month, even if the tablet has already been adopted by the mini-pill. Additional contraception is needed.

Often, because of the use of mini-pill (especially during lactation), irregular menstruation, in which case reception Marvelon begin after the end of the mini-pill - the next day. During the first two weeks should be followed additional contraceptive measures.

Side effects

Marvelon in some cases may cause such side effects: bleeding intermenstrual discharge, amenorrhea (due to the cancellation of funds), changes in cervical secretions, the progression of endometriosis, vaginal candidiasis, an increase of uterine, mammary gland seal.

There are also reviews of Marvelon, induce vomiting, exacerbation of gallstone disease, nausea, cholestatic jaundice, high blood pressure, depression, fluid retention, weight change, headache, change in glucose tolerance, skin rashes, chloasma, thromboembolism.