Marimer drops
 Marimer - a remedy for colds.

Pharmacological action

Marimer helps to maintain the normal physiological condition of the nasal mucous membrane thins mucus gathered and facilitate its removal. Moreover, the active substance Marimer increase mucosal resistance to viruses and bacteria.

Good reviews of Marimer used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis - a drug effectively removes from the mucosal allergens.

The basis of preparation of isotonic sea water.

Product form

Producing drop Marimer, aspirator Marimer for irrigation of the nasal mucosa.

Indications Marimer

Marimer of instruction is used to prevent infections of the nasopharynx, nose and inflammation of the nasal mucosa after surgery for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, vasomotor (disorder occurs when the autonomic system, because of which any irritation of the nasal mucosa nerve provokes a runny nose).

Good reviews of Marimer used for daily hygiene in order to preserve the protective properties of the nasal mucosa in a dirt or excessive dryness of the air.


Marimer of instructions can not be used in patients with hypersensitivity to it. Use an aspirator to treat children under one year is impossible.

Drops from the open vial suitable for use is only a day. Because of the lack of systemic effects on human Marimer can be combined with other medications.

During lactation, pregnancy, the drug can be used.

Instructions for use Marimer

Drops Marimer children under one year for therapeutic purposes dropped by 2kap. in each nostril four p / day, children after a year, adults - 2kap. 4-6r / day.

In the prophylactic and hygiene purposes drop instilled 1-4r / day.

 Marimer aspirator
 Nasal lavage means children under 2 years carried out in the supine position, head turned to one side. The same procedure for children older than two years, an adult can be performed when in a sitting position, his head also must be turned on its side.

Aspirator Marimer used for soft and deep irrigation of the nasal mucosa, which facilitates rapid action contained active substances. Children after a year, spending on adult prescribe one injection into each nostril 4-6r / day for therapeutic purposes and 1-4r / day of sanitary, prophylactic purposes.

Side effects

Because intolerance seawater may cause allergies.