Dental liquid Maraslavin
 Maraslavin - a drug with anti-inflammatory effects used in dentistry.

Pharmacological action

Maraslavin has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, healing effect.

Effect of the drug is implemented as follows: immediately after application of the gums become red, swollen and irritated mucous membranes, then from the gum pockets out toxic products of decay and growth begins collagen fibers are compacted gum tissue grows a new layer of the epithelium and periodontal (root shell) firmly bonded to the tooth root .

When hemorrhagic form of periodontal disease - this is accompanied by bleeding in the gum tissue due Maroslavinu reduces swelling and bleeding, pale gums are sealed, their nipples become thinner and better pressed against the neck of the tooth. Gingival pockets disappear or even decrease significantly.

When parodontosis, transformed into a purulent form, in the first days of treatment there is pus from the gums, then the amount is reduced and it disappears. Also, judging by the reviews of Maraslavine, resolve papilla, the gums are aligned and pressed tightly against the teeth.

The structure phytopreparation Maraslavin include: Artemisia Pontica, buds allspice, savory, black pepper (the fruit), rhizome zingibera.

Product form


Indications Maraslavina

The drug is used in Maraslavin purulent form of periodontal disease, hemorrhagic form of periodontal disease with the formation of pockets.

Good reviews of Maraslavine applies after surgery for periodontal disease.

Instructions Maraslavina: how to use

 The drug Maraslavin
 Maraslavin used exclusively in the dental hospital, under the supervision of a physician. Before applying the solution removes tartar formed over the gums, gums carried ventilation air.

After these manipulations in the bone and gum pockets administered loose wads of cotton wool soaked in a solution. Size tampon is determined individually depending on the width of the pocket.

Swab dipped Maraslavinom on instructions left for 5-6 minutes in his pockets, a similar procedure is repeated on the first the doctor 5-6 times, alternately every pocket. It is noted that each new bud comes deeper into his pocket. Last fifth or sixth swab not removed, left in pockets until the next administration. Remove the tampon can be independently if the temperature rises. In this case, you must consult your doctor as soon as possible.

On the second admission swabs Maraslavinom laid on the first reception of the pockets is removed, remove tartar, repeat the procedure in the same manner as in the 1st session, again left the tampon in your pocket.

Treatment is thus carried out intermittently for three months. On average, for treatment, judging by the reviews of Maraslavine, you need to spend about 20 sessions, with the first five or six treatments carried out every day.

On receiving the control patient must come in six months: the doctor checks the condition of the gums and processes them 1-2 times Maraslavinom - to prevent the development of bacteria.

The instructions Maraslavina indicated that the last check-up is carried out in half a year.

During treatment, the patient Maraslavin solution is desirable to add to your diet foods rich in vitamins, eliminate foods that may irritate the mucous membranes (nuts, onions, garlic), taking extra vitamins A and C. In addition, undesirable during treatment Maraslavinom brushing with a toothbrush paste, use a disinfectant rinse the mouth for a long time in the sun.

side effects

Maraslavin could raise the temperature to 37-38 degrees, which is in most cases connected with pus. The temperature returned to normal after removal of tampons from the pockets.

After applying Maraslavina may appear allergic reactions.


Do not use the solution if Maraslavin hypersensitivity to it.