Manchurian Aralia

Beneficial features

 Manchurian Aralia
 Manchurian Aralia - shrub of the family Araliaceae. It is also called the Aral high-iship tree.

In therapeutic use leaves, bark and roots of Aralia, which finished tincture.

The leaves of Aralia contain alkaloids, carbohydrates, essential oils, flavonoids, organic acids.

Root Aralia comprises vitamins, mineral compounds, essential oils, proteins, starch, carbohydrates, minerals, saponins, glycosides, alkaloids. Harvest them in the fall or early spring: purified from the ground, washed and immediately cut into pieces (15cm). After crushed root is dried at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. To use it is suitable for two years.

Preparations based aralia have a stimulating effect. It is believed that they are superior to its effect of ginseng and Siberian ginseng.

On the Manchurian Aralia pressure has no effect, it stimulates breathing, has kardiotonieskim and anti-stress effect.

The use of tincture aralia

Aralia tincture is used to treat fatigue, chronic neurological, neurological diseases, physical, mental fatigue, impotence, low blood pressure, as well as to recover from his injuries.

Root Aralia useful in sclerosis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, schizophrenia. Many of those who regularly take the tincture, note an improvement in appetite, sleep and performance, reduction of heart and headaches.

It helps tincture and skin diseases associated with high blood pressure, fatigue, metabolic disorders.

Take alcohol tincture aralia inside 30-40 drops several times a day.

 Tincture aralia
 Tincture on alcohol can be bought ready-made, you can cook at home. It should take 40g of roots and pour 200ml of 70% alcohol, brewed medicine two weeks, after which it was filtered, squeezed the roots. The finished tincture different specific odor, amber. Take it usually 35kap three times a day for a month. If a person has a tendency to high blood pressure, the dosage should be reduced to 10kap. and receive infusion twice per day. Treatment in this case lasts for more than three weeks.

Houses can be cooked and the broth Aralia Manchu. To do this, take 20g of raw, boiled in water 30 minutes, allowed to stand 10 minutes, drained, filtered and diluted with boiling water until the original volume. Aralia take three times a day before eating spoon dining for two or three weeks. Store in the refrigerator can be a means of not more than three days.

This broth is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colds, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, enuresis, often it is taken in the weakened immunity. Aralia is effective for kidney disease because a diuretic.

On the basis of the root Aralia produce drug Saparal having little toxicity without causing side effects. Apply Saparal as a stimulant of the nervous system. Take medication postprandial one tablet (0, 05g) two or three times per day. The therapy lasts 15-30 days, then make a break for a week or two. Thereafter Saparal take one or two tablets for 10-15 days. Drinks can be prophylactically and - one or two tablets per day.

Contraindications aralia

It is undesirable to take aralia without prescription, insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, hypertension.

To avoid problems with sleep infusion is not recommended at night.

When used incorrectly, aralia due to its overdose can cause nausea, loss of consciousness, can disrupt breathing. If you experience these symptoms treatment should be stopped.