Maltofer drops

Maltofer - a means to replenish iron deficiency.

Pharmacological action

The composition includes Maltofer complex iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose, which is stable, does not release free iron ions in the gastrointestinal tract.

Its structure is similar to the natural compound ferritin iron, whereby iron (III) into the bloodstream from the gut by active transport. Iron, which is sucked Maltofer binds to the ferritin accumulates in the liver mainly. Thereafter, it is included in the hemoglobin in the bone marrow.

There is a correlation between the level of absorption of iron and expression of his lack of iron is absorbed better, the more the deficit in the body.

The most active process of iron absorption occurs in the small intestine and duodenum. The part that is not absorbed into the bloodstream, excreted in the feces.

The drug Maltofer foul besides iron contains folic acid, which belongs to the group B vitamins, is involved in the development of nucleic acids, purines, amino acids, pyrimidine, stimulates erythropoiesis (red blood cell production process).

Product form

Release tablets and drops Maltofer Maltofer.

Maltofer foul produce tablets.

Indications Maltofer

Maltofer according to the instructions indicated for the treatment of patients suffering from iron deficiency anemia, latent iron deficiency.

Good reviews of Maltofer taken to the prevention of iron deficiency in patients at risk, such as elderly patients, pregnant women, those who observe strict diet, children, adolescents during active growth.

Maltofer foul is also effective in a hidden and pronounced iron deficiency, it is used for prevention of iron deficiency and folic acid (in particular, during lactation, pregnancy).


Maltofer of instructions are not prescribed for: hemochromatosis, gemosideroze, violations of iron excretion (eg, anemia, lead poisoning provoked, thalassemia, anemia sideroahresticheskaya), hypersensitivity to an agent, hemolytic anemia, and megaloblastic.

Accepted diabetes mellitus can, but during therapy should be considered that Maltofer drops (1 ml) containing 0, 01 units of bread, chewing one tablet - 0, 04 units of grain, 5 ml solution for internal use - 0, 11 units of grain.

Negative reviews Maltofer, appointed during pregnancy is not, but take it with caution.

There is also no reliable data on the safety of Maltofer nursing women.

Maltofer foul in combination with chloramphenicol can cause deterioration of the relative therapeutic effects of folic acid and chloramphenicol. You can not combine the drug with other iron supplements.

Those who suffer from folic acid deficiency, the use of foul Maltofer may cause an increase in serum phenytoin metabolism.

Instructions for use Maltofer

Drops Maltofer intended for internal use.

Before use, they may be dissolved in a vegetable or fruit juice. One ml sample (20kap) contained 176 5 mg of iron (III). One drop contains 2 5 mg of elemental iron.

For the treatment of pronounced iron deficiency according to the instructions Maltofer premature babies Maltofer appoint 1-2 drops / day every day for 3-5mes .; children under one year give 10-20kap. per day; children 1-12l - 20-40kap / day; 12L after children, adults - 40-120kap / day. Pregnant women are prescribed 80-120kap / day. According to the instructions Maltofer therapy lasts at least two months.

For the treatment of latent iron deficiency children under one year give 6-10kap / day; children 1-12l - 10-20kap / day; 12L after children, adults - 20-40kap / day. Pregnant women are 40kap / day.

For the prevention of children under one year give Maltofer 2-4 drops a day, older children, adults take 4-6kap. Pregnant women as prevention taking 6kap Maltofer per day.

Tablets Maltofer taken after meals.

 Foul Maltofer
 For the treatment of pronounced iron deficiency take one tablet Maltofer one, three p / day for 3-5mes, then therapy is continued for several months, to restore the level of iron in the body - take on the 1st Maltofer tablet per day. Pregnant women are appointed to take on the 1st tablet Maltofer two, three p / day to stabilize hemoglobin. After that you should drink at 1st tablet / day prior to delivery for the prevention of iron deficiency, treatment of latent iron deficiency.

Maltofer incidents take during or after a meal. Adults and children after 12l, lactating women with iron deficiency should take on the 1st tab. one, three p / day. After the hemoglobin level is reached, take 1 table. a p / day. In general, the treatment lasts 5-7mes. Pregnant women with anemia caused by iron deficiency by taking the 1st tab. 2-3 p / q. and move on to one tablet a day after the restoration of hemoglobin level. Good reviews of Maltofer from pregnant women to continue taking it until delivery.

Children older than 12 liters, adults with latent iron deficiency and prevention of lack of folic acid and iron are taking on the 1st tab. a r / day. Prevention usually lasts 1-2mes.

side effects

About Maltofer mostly positive reviews. In some cases, there is vomiting, a violation of stool, nausea, epigastric pain after taking the drug.

Note that because the iron content in Maltofer darkening observed feces that is not dangerous.