Malavit solution

Malavit - a natural remedy with a wide spectrum of action.

Pharmacological action

Malavit - preparation containing gum larch resin, cedar, malachite, mummy, pine, birch buds, organic acid, oak bark, essential oils, complexes of copper and silver, extracts of Helichrysum, peony, sage, peppermint, calendula, chamomile, sweet, thyme, plantain, celandine, structured ionized water.

Tool through these components has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, deodorizing, analgesic, anti-edema effect, the vast majority of aerobic and anaerobic infections. Therefore, the use Malavit effective in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, various viral infections, gynecological diseases.

Product form

Producing cream Malawi, liquid and gel Malawi.

Indications The Family

Cream, gel Malavit include comprehensive treatment of diseases of the joints and muscles (myositis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, tenosynovitis, spondylarthrosis and others), is used to eliminate the effects of fractures, sprains, bruises, sprains.

The instructions Malavit also stated that it can be used for the treatment of neuritis, muscular headache, neuralgia, various dermatological diseases (rash acne, boils, cold sores, athletes foot, warts, eczema, trophic ulcers, warts, psoriasis, etc.).

Gel, cream Malavit highly complex therapy for various skin lesions: pressure ulcers, wounds, bruises, bites of snakes, insects, spiders, burns, frostbite.

Thanks deodorizing, moisturizing, antibacterial, softening effect Malavit possible use in everyday cosmetology tool used for daily hygiene (for the normalization of the sebaceous, sweat glands, prevent inflammation), skin care.

Good reviews of Malawi, is used in the prevention of acute viral respiratory diseases, flu, sinusitis treatment, varicose vein extension, various gynecological diseases (chlamydia, vulvovaginitis, vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, the erosion of the uterine cervix, thrush, endotsertsevita, ureaplasmosis, etc).


Malawi's instructions can not appoint agents of intolerance. The possibility of using Malavit during pregnancy has not been studied, but when applied externally and inserting money into the vagina is not observed adverse effects on the fetus.

Instructions for use The Family

For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system Malavit gel or cream to relieve swelling and pain relief more p / d is applied to the damaged areas and rub massage movements.

To eliminate hematomas Malawi instructions applied two or three p / day (should be applied only on intact skin).

Injuries to treat nasal overlaid gel or cream Malavit two rows / day. Rub means is not necessary.

For the treatment of neuritis, muscular, headache, neuralgia Malavit rubbed into places where the pain.

Herpes skin lip cream, gel applied directly to the herpetic eruption

3-4 p / day. Rinse off the vehicle between applications is not recommended.

For the treatment of purulent, inflammatory skin diseases, acne scars, chronic dermatoses make several applications Malavit p / day.

To eliminate sweating armpits, feet, palms agent is applied to clean skin one, two p / day.

 Malavit cream-gel

For the treatment of sinusitis cream or gel applied Malavit 7-8 p / day externally on the location of the maxillary sinuses. To achieve the maximum effect should be combined with the application of washing the nasal passages. For this breed 20kap. Malawi 200ml water and carry out the procedure for five days, 2-4 p / day.

At the first manifestations of acute respiratory diseases (including viral origin) influenza should invest gel / cream Malawi each nostril 5-6 p / day. Good reviews about Malawi, used for colds complex: conduct further rinsing (12-15kap. The solution is diluted in 100 ml of water) and rubbing his chest and neck undiluted liquid Malawi.

To eliminate the painful symptoms after biting wasps, snakes, spiders, mosquitoes, ticks encephalitis, scabies use Malavit soaked gauze bandage, which is 7-10min for 3-4 p / day is applied to the bite.

For the treatment of abrasions, pressure sores, burns 1, 2nd degrees, frostbite, wounds practice treatment of skin lesions solution diluted with water - 1:10. Treat the wound 2-5 p / day. The surviving patches on the skin can be treated with undiluted solution.

Good reviews of Malawi, is used for the treatment of interdigital fungus.

It should be between the fingers lay turundy of cotton or gauze soaked in the solution. Keeping them requires about 10 minutes, and perform the procedure twice. The therapy can be supplemented leg tub with hot water (about 50 deg) and a liquid Malawi (1:10).

Side effects

When intolerance cream, gel Malavit may experience an allergic reaction.