Drops maksitrol

Maksitrol - antibiotic used in ophthalmology.

Pharmacological action

Maksitrol - combined tool, as part of which are dexamethasone, neomycin, polymyxin B.

With these components, the drug has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial action.

Dexamethasone - a glucocorticosteroid with desensitizing, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the permeability of capillaries.

Neomycin - aminoglycoside that exhibits activity against E. coli, staphylococcus, bacillus Friedlander (Klebsiella pneumoniae), Haemophilus wand.

Polymyxin B inhibits wand Friedlander, intestinal wand, Haemophilus influenzae, and Pseudomonas.

Product form

Produce ointment and drops maksitrol.

Indications maksitrol

Maksitrol used for the treatment of superficial and deep bacterial keratitis, conjunctivitis allergic, complicated by secondary infection, purulent conjunctivitis, bacterial, postoperative and post-traumatic iritis, iridocyclitis, dacryocystitis, episcleritis.

Additional instructions maksitrol indicated that the drug can be used for the treatment of barley, burn eye injuries blepharitis.


Maksitrol contraindicated in the eye of tuberculosis, hypersensitivity, acute herpes zoster, fungal and viral infections of the eye, chicken pox, purulent infection of the mucous eyelids and eyes, provoked neomycin sensitive micro-organisms.

The instructions maksitrol indicated that the drug should not be used in purulent ulcer on the cornea, cataract, glaucoma, after the removal of a foreign body from the cornea, of traumatic and infectious lesions of the eardrum.

Taking the drug with other aminoglycosides is impossible, since there are reviews of maksitrol, causing cross-allergy to antibiotics of this group of patients with intolerance to neomycin.

Instructions for use maksitrol

Drops maksitrol bury one, two drops in the conjunctival sac.

 Ointment maksitrol
 If the infection is severe, the drops can be instilled every hour. Once symptoms begin to subside, reduce the number of procedures.

If the disease is mild, maksitrol instilled 4-6 p / day.

The ointment is applied 3-4 p / day, squeezing about 1-1, 5 cm. If you assign an ointment in combination with drops, it is applied to a p / night before bed.

side effects

There are reviews of maksitrol that when thinning of the cornea causes it to perforation. Prolonged use increases the drop in intraocular pressure, cataracts.

Also, allergic reactions may occur after administration maksitrol.