Lysozyme formula
 Lysozyme - an antibacterial drug of natural origin, used intramuscularly and topically.

Pharmacological action

The active substance preparation is lysozyme hydrochloride Lysozyme, which is found in leukocytes, mucous membranes, skin, lacrimal fluid, saliva, breast milk.

For the manufacture of a medicament using an enzyme protein contained in the eggs. Lysozyme has the ability to destroy the structural basis of microbial cells that is responsible for its anti-bacterial effect.

The drug is active against gram-positive and to a lesser extent gram-negative microorganisms.

Additionally, Lysozyme has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory properties and thinning.


Lysozyme, the use must be approved by a physician is effective in the treatment of purulent processes, chronic septic conditions, frostbite, burns, as well as conjunctivitis, corneal erosion, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis and other infectious diseases.

The ENT-practice and stomatology lysozyme hydrochloride is often used in combination with such materials as enoksolon (Geksaliz) and dequalinium chloride (Laripront, Lizak).

Mode of application

Lysozyme is available as a sterile powder in vials, which before use are diluted in 2-3 ml of 0 25% novocaine solution or sodium chloride solution.

The ophthalmic practice usually used 0 25% solution, which for 3-7 days, 3-4 times a day is instilled in the eye.

In practice, otorhinolaryngological and nonspecific pulmonary diseases applied 0 05% solution of lysozyme, which is used by inhalation 2-10 ml per time for 5-14 days.

 For the treatment of wound infections, septic wounds, frostbite, burns manual recommends apply to the affected areas wipes, pre-moistened with 0, 05% solution of lysozyme.

Intramuscular use of Lysozyme involves injecting medication 2-3 times a day 150 mg for one week.

If necessary, treatment may be extended to one month.

Side effects

Lysozyme is generally well tolerated, but in some cases marked allergic reactions to the drug.

Prolonged use of intramuscular Lysozyme requires monitoring of blood coagulation.


Hypersensitivity to lysozyme hydrochloride is a cause for rejection of the use of the drug.

Additional Information

Storage Lysozyme in a dark place where the temperature does not rise above 20 0 C, will allow the drug remain valid for a long time of use. Shelf life Lysozyme on the package.