Lycopodium - homeopathic remedy for a wide range of applications.

Pharmacological action

 Lycopodium - the preparation of a dispute Lycopodium clavatum
 The drug is made from Lycopodium spores Lycopodium clavatum.

Known anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, diuretic effect of the drug.

Product form


Indications Lycopodium

Homeopathic tincture is effective in diseases of the digestive, urinary and respiratory systems, the genital organs.

According to the instructions Lycopodium is prescribed for gout (due to the diuretic action of the drug excretes uric acid), bronchitis, flatulence, rheumatism, spasms of the bladder, intestinal colic, hemorrhoids, vascular spasm, and constipation.

Good reviews from Lycopodium patients taking it after suffering a nervous breakdown, or fever - tincture helps restore strength.

In homeopathy, it is believed that the appointment of the drug should be considered psychological type and external data of the patient. Lycopodium is suitable for people unsportsmanlike warehouse with a wrinkled face and pale skin. The man who showed the drug, often feels tired and looks older than his years, is prone to diseases of the liver and lungs.

Children who show Lycopodium bad go on contact with strangers, evince anxiety in an unfamiliar situation, fear of darkness and loneliness.

Lycopodium Guide: how to use

Adults appoint taking homeopathic tincture 10-20 drops per day. Drink medication is usually in two steps.

 Form release Lycopodium - Tincture
 For children show less dosage, they are administered individually.

side effects

In disputes lycopodium, unlike other parts of the plant contain virtually no toxic alkaloids, therefore after receiving infusions rarely observed side effects.

There are reviews of Lycopodium, is caused due to an allergic rash intolerance plants.

Data on overdose tincture is not fixed.


Lycopodium is not prescribed to pregnant women, children up to three years, patients with serious liver disease, during breast-feeding.