Lycopodium clavatum

Useful properties Lycopodium clavatum

 Lycopodium clavatum - perennial grass spore
 Lycopodium clavatum - evergreen perennial herb of the family spore Lycopodiaceae. Also known as grass: moss drug, zepka, chicken foot, Boxthorn, zelenitsa, rozvilnik, pilochnik, thrush, zelenuha, kolotunnik earthen snake or moss polzuchka.

In medicine is used aerial part of the disputes and grass.

The controversy found stearic, linoleic, palmitic, oleic, myristic, geksadeinovaya acid, the active substance terpene onatserin, likoklavanol, sitosterol, sucrose. Ripen controversy in July and August, and harvesting them for further use in medicine begin in August-September, when the plant shoots (strobila) yellow. The spores are collected carefully so as not to scatter, better early in the morning or when the humidity is increased - so they do not fly apart and less scattered. Dry disputes only the air in the shade, because after drying kilns they darken and become compressed. Storage spores time is not limited.

The stems, leaves Lycopodium clavatum contains alkaloids, nicotine, flavonoids, digidrokofeynaya acid, so these parts are poisonous Lycopodium. The grass can be harvested from May and autumn.

The main purpose of Lycopodium - treatment of diseases of the genital organs, urinary, digestive system, respiratory and wound healing.

Application Lycopodium clavatum

 Lycopodium clavatum - herb used in traditional medicine
 For the treatment of pressure ulcers, eliminate diaper rash in children, treatment of weeping eczema, pruritus relief, wound healing using Lycopodium spores - dried as a powder. It is noticed that the facility is well relieves pain and cools the inflamed areas.

If there is pain in the bladder, it is recommended to take disputes within previously rubbed them with milk sugar 1:10. Accepted three p / day, at the tip of the knife. Two p / day take frayed disputes plants diarrhea, colic, rheumatism.

Grass Lycopodium clavatum has anticonvulsant, sedative, diuretic effect.

To remove the spastic stomach pains prepare tea, one tea spoon pour 500ml boiling water, not cooling the, filter.

Diuretic effect has this broth: 500 ml of water falls on 1 dining spoon of crushed stalks Lycopodium. Grass brew 6-8 minutes on low heat for two hours insist, filter. Drink infusion 3-4 p / day dining spoon.

When the stones in the bladder, kidneys, acute cystitis cook a broth: two tablespoons tablespoons dispute Lycopodium clavatum pour 500ml of water, boil for 10 minutes, insist hour, filter. Drink the medicine on spoon dining room every hour.

Respiratory diseases one spoon a tablespoon of raw materials brewed 250 ml of water, boil for 10-12 minutes under the lid two hours insist, filter. Drink infusion of 4 p / day dining spoon.

In diseases of the digestive tract drink 4 / day for 0, 5 cups of the broth: two tablespoons of tea, dry chopped herbs pour 500ml boiled cold water 4-5hours insist, filter.

Cholecystitis, hepatitis accept 4 / day for 0, 5 cups of such funds: one tea spoon dispute Lycopodium clavatum pour 250ml cold water, 8:00 insist, filter.

Tincture of moss can be used in treatment of chronic alcoholism - to enhance the gag reflex.

Lycopodium clavatum Disputes are part of many homeopathic medicines used in spasms of the bladder, colic, rheumatism, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, enlarged liver, vascular spasms, nerve disorders, fever.

Contraindications Lycopodium clavatum

Use Lycopodium clavatum for treatment without medical advice and appointments are not recommended because of its toxicity. In a lot of money on the basis of Lycopodium cause severe poisoning.