Lyapisny pencil

 Lyapisny pencil - antiseptic drug
 Lyapisny pencil - antiseptic silver-medication used topically to treat skin diseases.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Lyapisnogo pencil - silver nitrate, which has a cauterizing, necrotic tissue and bactericidal action. The mechanism of action of the drug is the ability of silver to inhibit the activity of microorganisms, which prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the damaged tissues.

Has a therapeutic effect Lyapisnogo pencil warts caused pronounced cauterizing action that the frequent use can lead to the formation of black spots and severe burns.

Product form

Lyapisny pencil produced in the form of pencils, comprising the active substance in an alloy of silver nitrate with potassium nitrate.

The closest analogue Lyapisnogo pencil mode of action is a solution for rectal and topical Tsiarkum, which in addition to silver ions include hydrogen ions and copper and citric acid.

Indications Lyapisnogo pencil

According to the instructions Lyapisny pencil is used to treat:

  • Erosion;
  • Small bleeding wounds;
  • Warts;
  • Ulcers;
  • Cracked skin.


Lyapisny pencil contraindicated instructions apply when an existing hypersensitivity to preparations containing silver.

Not recommended Lyapisny pencil warts on the face because of the high risk of burns and scars, as well as large areas of skin.

Dosing Lyapisnogo pencil

 Lyapisny pencil - a drug used to treat skin diseases
 According to the instructions Lyapisny pencil is used externally for cauterization of warts, minor bleeding wounds and skin cracks.

Before you start the application Lyapisnogo pencil warts should consult a dermatologist because warts are similar to some skin tumors, have an unfavorable course.

In the opinion of Lyapisny pencil warts most effective when applied within a month once every ten days. According to some warts disappear quickly with a combination therapy with analogues Lyapisnogo pencil containing celandine - Celandine, Celandine Superchistotelo or zinc.

Side effects Lyapisnogo pencil

Lyapisny pencil reviews may lead to the development of minor allergic reactions, manifested most commonly as a skin rash.

storage conditions

Lyapisny pencil released from pharmacies without a prescription. The recommended shelf life of the pencil factory - 36 months.