Pharmacological action

 Longevity - a dietary supplement, which is an additional source of silicon, inulin, potassium and magnesium.

The composition of longevity is a complex of substances that are essential to every man, as they provide the body with polysaccharides, amino acids, and various vitamins and minerals. Also, the drug is considered to be a good tool for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, to prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, normalization of heart rate and blood pressure sustainable.

Furthermore, using supplements can increase the specific resistance of the organism to normalize metabolism and intestinal microflora, stimulate peristalsis.

Longevity helps ensure the physical regeneration and remove degenerative changes in the mucous membranes of the genitourinary system, the intestines and stomach. Thanks to the easily digestible organic silicon drug can significantly improve the condition of hair and nails, bone and connective tissue. The additive helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism and prevent the formation of diabetes.

Release form and composition of longevity

Longevity is produced in the form of tablets, which contain almost all essential trace elements and minerals, amino acids, organic acids, lipids.

Indications of Longevity

Guide to Longevity suggests its use:

  • for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • to eliminate sagging and dry skin;
  • to normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • at elevated psycho-emotional and physical stress;
  • when weakened immunity;
  • at a lower resistance;
  • dandruff and hair loss;
  • persons who live in ecologically unfavorable areas.


Analyzing reviews of longevity, we can say that the only contraindication to supplement a hypersensitivity to the drug.

Instructions longevity: how to use

According to the instructions to longevity, it is recommended to take 1-2 tablets. three times a day with food during a meal, this recommendation applies to adults and children over 12 years. Children who have not reached the age of 12, should be taken on the basis of Table 1. 25 kg of body weight per day.  Form release longevity supplements - pills

As a rule, long-term use of longevity is 5 weeks.

To achieve the highest good and sustainable results, experts recommend to spend 2-3 courses, making a break between them in 2 weeks.

Pregnant women and patients with diabetes is recommended to take 2-3 times a day for 5 tablets, repeat the treatment 3 times, making after each 2-week break.

Side effects

According to the reviews of longevity, taking supplements may be associated with allergic reactions.

Conditions and terms

The drug is not recommended to store more than 3 years in a dry place, temperature not exceeding 25 about FROM.