Lizoform is an antiseptic used to treat and prevent infectious diseases and to maintain hand hygiene.

Pharmacological action

Lizoform a soap solution of formaldehyde, consisting of 40% formalin, 40% potassium soap and 20% alcohol.

In issuing the characteristic odor of formaldehyde Lizoform has the form of a transparent liquid of yellowish-brown color. This drug has a strong disinfectant and deodorizing effect.

Indications Lizoform

Use Lizoform manual recommends gynecological diseases for irrigation, as well as skin disinfection, and hand washing facilities. In addition, there is evidence of successful treatment with this drug angina, stomatitis, urethritis, peripheral edema, burns, septic wounds, eczema, boils.

In any case, the application must be preceded by Lizoform consult a doctor as an independent use of the drug can cause harm.


Application Lizoform contraindicated in inflammatory conditions of the skin.

On the face of applied Lizoform instruction is not recommended because of the risk of irritation.

Do not use in patients with hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

Instructions for use Lizoform

Lizoform available in vials, each containing 100 ml of the preparation.

 Lizoform used in gynecological diseases for irrigation
 Lizoform which application is made in diluted form, is intended for outdoor use, as well as for irrigation of the genitourinary system in women. For breeding Lizoform guide recommends the use of water.

In gynecological practice is generally used Lizoform 1-4% solutions, but to disinfect hands and premises - 1-3% solution.

A more detailed diagram of application Lizoform prescribed by the physician, focusing on the purpose of use of the drug.

side effects

Lizoform established itself as a safe drug when used in the recommended proportions.

Instruction Lizoform warns that in some cases may result in irritation at the site of application, which is usually due to individual intolerance of the drug.

Additional Information

Lizoform long time retain its therapeutic properties, if it is to be in a cool and dark place.

Lizoform should be stored in a tightly closed bottle.