Livial - hormonal agent for the correction of menopausal changes.

Pharmacological action

Livial is used for hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal exclusively.

The active ingredient of the drug - induced steroid tibolone, which has a specific effect on different types of fabrics, the weak androgenic activity, does not cause bleeding "cancel."

Patients and physicians Livial won positive reviews due to the absence of negative effects on the endometrium, breast cancer (breast tenderness, and decreases the risk of hyperplastic processes in them). The drug improves mood, overall tone, libido.

Product form

Producing Livial tablets.

Indications Livial

Livial under the instruction prescribed for symptoms of surgical, natural menopause.


The instructions Livial indicated that it is not suitable for hormonal tumor, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disorders, uterine bleeding of unknown origin during pregnancy.

Admission Livial stop if you develop symptoms of thromboembolism, changed liver function, cholestatic jaundice developed.

Under the control of the means of taking a woman with renal disease, migraine, epilepsy, high cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia).

Instructions for use Livial

Livial are beginning to take a year after the last menstrual period (before taking the drug is not recommended because of the risk of bleeding irregular discharge).

Take one tablet p / day - one at a time, preferably in the same time.

Judging by the reviews of Livial, improvement occurs over the next few weeks after receiving, but the dramatic changes in the state occur no earlier than the c / o three months. Without prejudice to the dosage, the drug can be  Livial tablets
 and take a longer time.

Packing Livial designed to meet the daily intake - each tablet is marked with the corresponding day of the week.

If the patient before taking Livial another hormone drug, to go to her prescribed progestogen to trigger withdrawal bleeding and prevent further development of endometrial hyperplasia mother (if it is found).

side effects

Livial could cause a change in weight, the appearance of seborrheic dermatosis, dizziness, headache, vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, increased facial hair growth Changes in hepatic function.

Women with diabetes can celebrate after Livial worsening glucose tolerance, increased demand for insulin, other medications reduce the blood sugar.

High doses can cause Livial means bleeding from the vagina, and if their application is necessary, appoint more progestogen - courses for 10d. every three months.