Lymphomyosot ampoules
 Limfomiozot - homeopathic preparation multicomponent composition, acting on the lymphoid tissue that causes the feasibility of its use in the enlarged lymph nodes, edema, hypertrophy of the tonsils, lymph drainage disorders, nasal congestion, adenoids.

Pharmacological action

Lymphomyosot has a lymphatic drainage, detoxification, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties.

The preparation includes Limfomiozot wintering horsetail, yellow gentian, forest pine, garlic Dubrovnik, drug speedwell, field forget-me, kirkazonolistnaya sarsaparilla, walnut, gnarled norichnik, calcium phosphate, sodium sulfate, levotiroksinum, drug dymyanki, robertova geranium, Araneus diadematus, drug watercress and iron iodide.

Active components Limfomiozota cause its ability to raise the metabolism, strengthen the flow of lymph from the tissues, strengthen the protective functions of the lymph nodes, as well as to accelerate the elimination of toxins from the intercellular space. These effects allow the drug to normalize the interaction of cells with the tissue of the endocrine, nervous and immune systems of the body. Thus, activating the lymphatic system of the intestine, Limfomiozot creates the preconditions for strengthening of local immunity as the intestinal mucosa, and mucous membranes of other organs.

Lymphomyosot, reviews suggest increases the susceptibility of tissues to the action of other drugs, allowing them to reduce the dose, respectively, and the toxic effects on the body.

Indications Limfomiozota

Limfomiozot instructions recommended for:

  • kidney, heart, lymph edema and swelling of the tissues that accompany diabetes;
  • tissue growth (hypertrophy) of lymph accompanying diseases such as chronic hypertrophic tonsillitis, hypertrophic pharyngitis, etc .;
  • internal diseases and chronic nature of allergic diseases that cause various skin diseases;
  • immunodeficiency;
  • intoxications provoked such chronic illnesses such as tonsillitis or tuberculosis;
  • malignant and benign tumors, which cause disturbances in the functioning of tissues and organs.

The effectiveness of drugs in the conditions listed above confirm Limfomiozot reviews.


Limfomiozot not prescribed for persons with hypersensitivity to the drug which is part of the components, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

Be wary of Limfomiozot instruction is recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland, which is caused by the presence in the drug component of the containing iodine.

Lymphomyosot drops under medical supervision should be taken for persons suffering from alcoholism, liver disease, or brain, as well as after traumatic brain injury, which is associated with the content in the preparation of ethyl alcohol.

Instructions for use Limfomiozota

Limfomiozot available in tablet form and drops applied into and in a solution intended for injection.

Lymphomyosot drops should be either 15-20 minutes before a meal or 60 minutes after a meal. The drug should be diluted before use 1-2 teaspoons of water or undiluted single dose placed under the tongue. Also Limfomiozot drop in the number of daily dose may be diluted in a glass of water and drink in small sips throughout the day, delaying the solution for a few seconds in the mouth.

A single dose of the drug for adults and children over 6 years corresponds to 10 drops. Limfomiozot for children 3-6 years is prescribed at a dose of 5 drops at a time, for children 1-3 years - 3 drops, and for infants and children under 1 year corresponds to the optimal single dose of 1-2 drops.

The multiplicity of techniques Lymphomyosot drops a day - 2-3 times, duration of application - 2-5 weeks.

Tablets Limfomiozot manual recommends taking 3 times a day for 3 pieces. Tablets should be put under the tongue until dissolved, children are allowed to dissolve a single dose of 1 teaspoon of water. Application of tablets dependence on food intake is the same as that of the droplets.

 Lymphomyosot drops
 Limfomiozot H is a solution which can be administered intradermally, subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intravenously, periarticular (around a joint), intraarticular, biopunktury method (to active points located directly in inflammation) and in the acupuncture point (acupuncture). At a time for adults and children older than 6 years are generally administered contents of 1 vial. A single dose of the drug Limfomiozot for children 3-6 years prescribed in the amount of ½ ampoule for children 1-3 years - at ¼ of the ampoule, and for infants and newborns is considered the optimal amount of solution corresponding to 1/6 of the ampoule.

According to the instructions, H Limfomiozot applied 1-2 times per week, but if necessary the preparation is administered daily or every other day.

side effects

Limfomiozot reviews describe as a safe drug that does not have toxic effects on the body. Only in a few cases have been reported allergic reactions to the drug use.

Additional Information

Limfomiozot be fit for use for 5 years, if it will be storage in the dark at room temperature.