Likoprofit is a natural plant-vitamin complex of natural origin.

Release form and composition

It is produced in the form of capsules weighing 500 mg. The package contains 30 capsules (3 blisters of 10 pcs.), Intended for ingestion.

According to the instructions Likoprofitu in one capsule contains:

  • Lycopene (5 mg);
  • extract obtained from the fruit of a dwarf palm (50 mg);
  • extract obtained from the bark of an African plum (50 mg);
  • extract obtained from the root of nettle (50 mg);
  • Vitamins E, C, D3 (50/40/150 mg, respectively);
  • hydrolyzate of selenium yeast (35 g);
  • chromium picolinate in the composition (50 mg);
  • zinc in the composition asparaginate (7, 5 mg).

Indications Likoprofita

Likoprofit belongs to the category of dietary supplements, taken with food (BAA). Indicated for the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases: prostatitis, prostate adenoma, prostate cancer.

Pharmacological action

Each of the components Likoprofita possessing a unique set of desirable properties has an impact on the body.

The carotenoid lycopene antioxidant function. It accumulates in the election form in the tissues of the prostate, protecting cells from the negative effects of free radicals. Thanks to him, reduced activity of inflammatory and autoimmune processes in the prostate. It does not transform testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, and is also involved in monitoring and preventing excessive proliferation of prostate cells. Elevating the quality of sperm, ensuring the production of more active forms of normal sperm. At constant reception lycopene reduces the risk of prostate cancer, a fact confirmed by the research and medical reviews of Likoprofite.

Obtained from the fruit of saw palmetto extract is a substance that blocks the development of BPH. This effect is achieved by providing inhibitory effect on the activity of enzymes that participate in the activation of testosterone. The extract also reduces the symptoms of inflammation and relieves swelling in the disease prostatitis. Consequently, reduced the number of nighttime urination, and residual urine volume and speed of the flow of urine increases.

The extract obtained from the bark of an African plum, reduces proliferation of prostate tissue, which is formed due to uncontrolled cell division. It also normalizes the muscle tone in the bladder and can get rid of it, and spasms in the urethra.

The extract obtained from the root of nettle also has controlling effect on the growth of prostate tissue. It normalizes the function of urination.

Vitamin E enhances the anticancer effect, which gives lycopene, and serves as a pronounced antioxidant action.

By taking vitamin C provides increased resistance to various kinds of infections and maintaining enzymatic antioxidant defense system, reduces the appearance of inflammatory reactions.

Vitamin D3, vitamin D representing in active form slows the multiplication of cancer cells in the prostate tumor. At a high content in blood D3 significantly reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.

Chromium is responsible for the normalization of the growth and differentiation of both normal and cancerous cells in the prostate.

Selenium acts as an antioxidant. In combination with vitamin E contributes to the mass death of cancer cells in malignant tumors in the prostate.

Zinc enhances the antimicrobial activity of prostate secretion. It reduces the symptoms of inflammation in the prostate.

All the minerals that make up the Likoprofita, are organic compounds, so well absorbed by the body. This feature also support medical reviews of Likoprofite.

Instructions Likoprofita: Dosage

Likoprofit as a drug used in medical therapy, administered one capsule taken twice or three times a day with meals.  Likoprofit potential

For prophylactic purposes, according to the instructions Likoprofitu, envisaged to receive one capsule a day with food.

Reviews Likoprofite confirm manifestation of the therapeutic effect of the drug after a month of treatment. Persistent effect occurs within four to six months of treatment.

Side effects and contraindications

When taken on an empty stomach can cause heartburn Likoprofit.

It is considered to be a contraindication to increased individual sensitivity to the components forming part of Likoprofita.

storage conditions

Keep Likoprofit need the reach of children, dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees.