Libidrol - biostimulant based on vegetable components, contributing to the maintenance of full reproductive function, as well as reduce the level of fatigue and depression.  Dosage form Libidrola - Capsules

Pharmacological action Libidrola

Mode of action of biological additives due Libidrol its member herbal components that contribute to an increase in the potency and increase sexual desire.

Yohimbe extract of the roots, which is obtained from the bark of a tree that grows in Africa, has long been used in various forms by the local population to enhance sexual performance, because the plant is a potent stimulator of sensations between women and men.

Usually it is used as a bitter tea prepared from plant bark chips. Also, it has traditionally used the warriors before battles African tribes, allowing them to get rid of the fear and replenish energy. In some tribes the men taking Yohimbe before the wedding ceremony.

Since the 30s of the twentieth century, carried out studies on the use of yohimbe for the treatment of organic impotence. Its therapeutic effect is based on the fact that a part of a plant includes methyl ester, 17-gidroksiyohimbin 16 karboksikislot and yohimbine, which stimulate blood flow into the penis and lead to "erectile stimulation."

Furthermore, during research, it was found that the plant extract constituting the Libidrola blocks adrenergic receptors, thereby reducing blood pressure and expansion of blood vessels, especially in the genital area. Thus yohimbine it affects both men and women.

Stimulation of the pelvic ganglia region not only helps men with organic erectile dysfunction. The additive is effective and in disorders caused by stress, overwork and nervous tension.

In addition to the treatment of sexual disorders Libidrol, reviews and helps to improve mood, effectively reducing the severity of depression and fatigue.

The studies found that Libidrol beginning to have a general stimulating effect on men and women within 20-40 minutes after taking the money, and the effect lasts about 3 hours.

Form release Libidrola

Libidrol produced in the form of capsules, which include the following active and auxiliary components:

  • Yohimbe root (extract);
  • Lactose food;
  • Ginger root powder (powder);
  • The seeds of guarana (extracts);
  • The fruit trees (extract);
  • Root of Eleutherococcus (extract);
  • Calcium stearate;
  • Silica.

The plastic cans of 60 capsules.

Indications Libidrola

According to the instructions, Libidrol used to restore and maintain full reproductive function, as well as a means of contributing to:

  • Enhance sexual sensitivity;
  • The increase in arousal and sexual desire;
  • The rise of physical and mental activity.

Contraindications Libidrola

Contraindications Libidrola include:

  • Hypertension;
  • Individual intolerance to the active or auxiliary components included in the capsules;
  • Insomnia;
  • Increased nervous excitability;
  • Expressed atherosclerosis;
  • Cardiac.

In addition, pregnancy and lactation are also contraindications Libidrola.  Ginger root, ground - one of the ingredients Libidrola

Since supplements affects the central nervous system, Libidrol, reviews should not be taken at night, so as not to cause sleep disorders.

Dosing Libidrola

Capsules Libidrol, according to instructions, should be taken with food. A single dose - 1-2 capsules, duration of therapy - two to three weeks.

According to the testimony of a therapeutic course may be repeated after a medical consultation.

side effects

Libidrol, reviews, significant side effects when used in therapeutic doses causes.

However, in cases where the received doses significantly higher than recommended in the instructions Libidrol may lead to the development of allergic and other undesirable reactions.

storage conditions

Libidrol refers to a number of dietary supplements with a shelf life of up to three years.