Levothyroxine sodium

Levothyroxine - hormonal drug.

Pharmacological action

Levothyroxine sodium - Thyroid gland hormone synthetic origin, which in small doses has anabolic effects (stimulating the production of protein).

The average dose is increased oxygen demand of tissues, the activity of the cardiovascular, nervous central system, stimulate the metabolism of fat, protein, carbohydrates.

High doses of levothyroxine may reduce the production of hormones of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland (in the brain produced by the endocrine glands).

The drug is absorbed and removed slowly. There are reviews of levothyroxine, that its effect is manifested through 7-12dn.

Product form

Levothyroxine release tablets.

Indications for use of levothyroxine

The instructions Levothyroxine indicated that the drug is effective in hypothyroidism primary, secondary, congenital deficiency of thyroid gland function, accompanied by a decrease in physical, mental activity in the prevention of recurrence of malignant nodules of the thyroid gland after surgery.

Good reviews of Levothyroxine, used in treatment of euthyroid hyperplasia, Grave's disease, is characterized by increased thyroid gland and its function.

Levothyroxine also used for differential diagnostic test for need of inhibition of thyroid function.


Do not use Levothyroxine if: acute myocardial infarction, adrenal insufficiency, thyroid gland hyperfunction of different origin, hypersensitivity.

During treatment, it should be noted that the drug enhances the effect of anticoagulants, antidepressants.

Instructions for use Levothyroxine

 Levothyroxine sodium early treatment take in small doses - 12 5-25mkg per day. The daily maintenance dose, and on average 25-200mkg. Take one tablet p / day for 20-30min before meals.

For the treatment of congenital hypothyroidism for children up to six months give 25-50mkg Levothyroxine before year - to 60mkg, aged 1-5l - up to 100mcg; 6-12l children - to 150mkg, children after 12l. - To 200mkg / day.

Adults with hyperthyroidism appoint take 25-100mkg / day, gradually increasing the dose (every two or three weeks 25-50mkg) to maintenance - 125-250mkg / day.

After surgery for a malignant tumor of the thyroid gland by Levothyroxine instructions to take a dose 300mkg / day.

To perform a diagnostic test should be taken once or 3mg Levothyroxine for two weeks to take a p / night for 200mkg.

When euthyroid goiter and to prevent its re-development after truncation adults appoint 75-200mkg / day for children - 12 5-150mkg / day.

side effects

Levothyroxine can cause heart rhythm disturbance, anxiety, chest pain, rash, weight decrease, alopecia, diarrhea, tremors, impairment of adrenal function, allergy, renal function disorder in children.