Levorin formula
 Levorin - antifungal agent.

Pharmacological action

Levorin - antibiotic antifungal action, exhibiting activity against yeasts, some species of protozoa (Trichomonas, amoeba, leishmania).

Levorin low toxicity, the ability to accumulate in the body is not.

Patients with hypertrophy of the prostate gland, taking levorin note that it reduces dizuricheskie manifestations, and in some cases even helps reduce adenoma.

Product form

Producing levorin pills, ointment, suspension, lyophilizate.


Levorin of instruction prescribed for kandidonositelstvo, gastrointestinal candidiasis include in the complex therapy of the prostate gland hypertrophy.

Local levorin indicated for candidiasis of female genital mutilation (cystitis, urethritis, vulvovaginitis), oral mucosal erosions InterDigital, paronychia, lesions of skin folds.

Instructions for use levorin

Tablets levorin at kandidonositelstvo intestinal candidiasis gastrointestinal adults take a dosage of 500 thousand. IU 2-4 p / day for 10-12dn.

Children under two years of age take 25-30 tys.ED kg / day; 2-6l children - at 20-25tys.ED kg / day; children after 6L. - On 200-250tys.ED 2-4 p / day.

The suspension of the calculation take levorin: 3kap. products contain 2tys.ED, 5ml - 100tys.ED. A solution of the slurry is prepared by adding chilled boiled water.

Children under one year give a spoonful of tea (25tys.ED levorin kg) three p / day. For the preparation of 5 is mixed with water tea spoons per gram of granules. Children from one to two years give 125tys.ED / kg (one dessert spoon mixed with 1gr.granul levorin); 2-6l children. give 250tys.ED / kg (2g granules), children after 6L. - 375tys.ED / kg (3gr.granul) three p / day. Treatment is carried out over one to two weeks, if necessary, be repeated after 5-7dn.

For a comprehensive treatment of hypertrophy of the prostate gland in the first two weeks of taking 500tys.ED levorin three p / day, after - the same dosage of 4 p / day. The treatment lasts three months, repeat it over 10-15dn.

Topical solution (ratio of water to powder of 1: 500) is used for rinsing the mouth two to three rows / day for 15-20dn.

The same solution is used for treating diseases of mucous female genitalia during 15-20dn - they  Levorin ointment
 moistened swabs and introduced them vaginally.

According to the instructions levorin ointment affected areas treated with one or two p / day for 10-15dn.

Tablets levorin vaginal moistened before use boiled water or distilled water is introduced to the rear vaginal vault two p / day 250-500tys.ED. The treatment lasts for two weeks. If need be, through 2-3ned. conduct re-treatment (between periods).

Side effects

Tablets levorin, its other dosage forms may cause vomiting, headache, diarrhea, poor appetite, allergy, cough, vomiting, fever.

When the vomiting, nausea levorin inside recommend taking after a meal.

Contraindications levorin

Levorin of instruction is contraindicated in: failure hepatic, renal, negribkovykh acute intestinal diseases, ulcers, duodenal ulcers, stomach, pancreatitis, pregnancy.

Under the supervision of taking medication lactating women, children under two years.

Levorin vaginal tablets can not be used in uterine bleeding during menstruation, pregnancy.