Lespenefril - herbal preparation.

Pharmacological action

Therapeutic action Lespenefril manifested by an increase in urinary flow, excretion of sodium, potassium, cholesterol (atherosclerosis sufferers) from the body, reducing the amount of nitrogen in the blood (developing azotemia) in renal failure.

The product is based on plant lespedezy capitatum. Additional ingredients: anise essence, alcohol, water.

Product form

Lespenefril produce a suspension, an alcohol tincture. Analogs Lespenefril - Ornitsetil, Lespeflan, ornithine, Flaronin.


Lespenefril of instruction prescribed for chronic, acute giperazotemicheskih nephritis (kidney disease caused by an overabundance of nitrogen in the blood), azotemia other origins, for the treatment, prevention of atherosclerosis.

Instructions for use Lespenefril

Lespenefril usually take 1-2l. tea per day. In severe cases, treatment is initiated with 2-3 (no more than 6) tea spoons per day. As a maintenance treatment every other day take 0, 5-1 tea spoon of the preparation for 15d. Inside Lespenefril taken before a meal, mixed with water.

 The analogue Lespenefril - Lespeflan
 For intramuscular, intravenous Lespenefril mixed with sodium chloride.

Exceptionally into drug taking in the chronic renal failure in a moderate way, complementing other therapy treatments.

Drug treatment usually lasts 3-4ned. Repeated treatment is possible only c / o 2-3ned.

Side effects

Lespenefril can cause allergies because of individual intolerance. In rare cases, the drug can cause dizziness, weakness, tachycardia, headache.

Because of the alcohol content means it may lead to an overdose. In this case, do gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy.

When intolerance can go to the equivalents Lespenefrin, guided solely by the appointment of a physician and the instructions for their use.

Contraindications Lespenefril

According to the instructions Lespenefril not be taken during lactation, pregnancy, intolerance means. Do not appoint simultaneously means depressing nervous system drugs, insulin, hypoglycemic drugs taken orally (sulfamochevina and its derivatives, metformin), disulfiram and similar means.

Do not give to children under Lespenefril 14L.

Before treatment should warn drivers of vehicles that one tea spoon contains 2 tools, 8 ml of ethanol. It is necessary to consider the combination of the drug with other drugs.