Lespeflan - a diuretic drug used in urology.

Pharmacological action

Lespeflan - herbal preparation, which has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, hypoazotemic action recommended for the treatment of renal disease.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is similar to the action of Lespenefril, manifested in the removal of cholesterol, potassium, sodium oxide.

The active ingredient of the drug - plant shoots two-color lespedeza, auxiliary - anise oil, alcohol, water.

Product form

Lespeflan released as a liquid extract, oral solution in bottles of 100ml.

Often used Analogs Lespeflan - Lespefril, Lespenefril, Flaronin, ornithine, Ornitsetil


Lespeflan according to the instructions indicated in chronic renal insufficiency of various origins (latent, intermittent stages) - as part of comprehensive treatment, chronic nephritis, acute, accompanied by a high content of nitrogen in the blood.

Mode of application

 The analogue Lespeflan - Lespefril
 Lespeflan are inside of a tea spoon, or dining room (5-15ml) 3-4 p / day.

On medical recommendation daily dosage can be increased to 80-100ml, extending the course to 6ned (maximum duration of treatment).

Immediately prior to use tool can be diluted with water. Treatment lasts 3-4ned. Therapy can be repeated no earlier than 2-3ned.

Side effects

Lespeflan can cause headache, tachycardia, dizziness, weakness, allergies.

Possible drug overdose, most often the cause is the content of ethanol. If symptoms of overdose should be observed to gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment standard.

In case of side effects caused by intolerance means it often recommend to cancel, and to consider the transition to Lespeflan counterparts.

Note that the side effects of these drugs, contraindications, dosages may vary.


During lactation, pregnancy due to the alcohol content Lespeflan can not accept. Also according to the instructions Lespeflan not be used in patients intolerant means.

The presence of alcohol in the product should warn drivers transport and those patients whose work requires concentration, speed of mental and physical reactions.