Ledum palustre

P  Ledum palustre
 Handy properties shoots of wild rosemary marsh

Ledum palustre - evergreen shrub whose flowers have a strong smell intoxicating. Common names of plants - Bog, Baguley, bagun fragrant swamp stupor. Ledum Blossoms in May, June, and the fruit gives the end of the summer.

For therapeutic use cut annual shoots of wild rosemary marsh. They contain such actives: ledol, bicyclic alcohol cymene, hydrocarbon palyustrol, flavonoids, phenols, valeric acid, tannins, resins catechins. Procurement of raw materials is carried out at the time of fruit ripening. Dried rosemary marsh grass under a canopy, spreading in a single layer, or collecting in bunches and hanging. Store the dried rosemary shoots in paper bags, collected separately from other grasses, as This plant is poisonous. People long to be in the room where the dried herb is not recommended, it is the smell of a severe headache.

The use of wild rosemary marsh medical practice thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, expectorant plants.

The use of wild rosemary marsh

From the shoots of wild rosemary marsh prepared ointment, oil extraction decoctions, infusions. Apply grass for arthritis, gout, sciatica, neuralgia, bruises, to relieve pain.

The infusion, decoction of wild rosemary is used as a hemostatic, healing remedy for frostbite, scrofula, diathesis, inside of them take as a sleep aid.

Upon infection Trichomonas do douching and trays with broth, while catching the worms help microclysters.

How diaphoretic can be used Ledum bronchial asthma, colds, coughs, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, angina pectoris.

The herb rosemary is a good antiseptic and therefore helps during epidemics. A decoction of it can be instilled into the nose, take it inside. Dry grass marsh rosemary can fumigate premises or just break it on the floor.

It is also noted that under the action of rosemary venous vessels dilate, improving blood flow, reduced pressure

When eczema helps bog rosemary, mashed with birch tar. It is applied to the damaged skin several times a day.

To prepare the decoction, one teaspoon of dry grass pour 200 ml of water, boil for a minute, insist 30 minutes, strain, drink 1st Big spoon three times daily after meals.

Infusion of wild rosemary marsh prepared as follows: one tea spoon of raw pour 200ml boiled water, half an hour, filter. Accepted three or four times a day for 1st Big spoon.

For outdoor use are preparing a tincture: brewed in 200ml boiling water one or two tablespoons of dried herb. Insist half an hour, and a means of making him lotions and compresses.

For grinding can be prepared and alcohol tincture of wild rosemary: grass insist on 40% alcohol 24 hours in the heat.

 Shoots of wild rosemary marsh
 To prepare the oil of wild rosemary spoon tablespoon take herbs, pour 100ml sunflower or olive oil, boiled for a minute, insist 24 hours. The resulting oil can be at a cold to dig in his nose 2-3r. per night for one or two drops, or use for rubbing.

Rosemary extract (essential oil) can be purchased ready-made, it is used as an anesthetic with radiculitis, neuralgia: rubbed sore spots.


In high doses, rosemary marsh causes irritability, agitation, alternating passivity dizziness.

Preparations containing herb rosemary marsh, an overdose can cause paralysis of the limbs, heart, respiratory tract, so they should be used only by prescription and under medical supervision.