Ledeen pills
 Ledeen - a remedy for cough.

Pharmacological action

Therapeutic effect Ledeen is aimed at suppressing the cough reflex mechanism, as he held a bronchodilator effect.

The basis of the means of alcohol seksviterpenovy isolated from the essential oil of wild rosemary marsh - plants that have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, expectorant action, lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, expanding venous vessels, rendering local irritating effect on the mucous membranes, increased production of secretion of bronchial glands, which increases the activity of the airway epithelium .

Ledeen does not contain drugs.

Product form

Ledeen release tablets 0, 5g in a yellow envelope, let his doctor's prescription.

Indications Ledin

Ledeen according to the instructions shown in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, chronic, acute pulmonary diseases which are accompanied by dry, frequent cough.

If the disease is accompanied by sputum, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive treatment, during which alternately take expectorants and Ledin.


When diagnosed hypersensitivity to an agent you can not take it.

During pregnancy, breast-feeding Ledeen, as well as other products based on rosemary can not appoint.

Also, the drug can not be given to children under 16 liters.

Instructions for use Ledin

 Ledeen - a remedy for cough
 Take Ledeen of 1-2tabl. 3-5 inside the p / q. for 3-10dn. To receive food pills on time is not attached.

In an application Ledeen and tools helps to remove phlegm, taken over the past days, and Ledeen pills may be recommended to receive before going to bed to the disease did not progress, sputum does not stagnate, and to provide the patient a peaceful sleep.

side effects

The instructions Ledeen indicated that it may lead to allergy, manifested as dermatitis, conjunctivitis, catarrhal, runny nose.

In the event of such reactions, or other pills, it is desirable to stop, and if the cough has not stopped, to find other drugs of the same mechanism of action, but with a different active ingredient.

When applied in excessive doses Ledeen may occur: inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, sometimes - dizziness, irritability, agitation or depression of the central nervous system, heart muscle paralysis, respiratory tract.