Lavomax - drug - immunomodulator.

Pharmacological action

Lavomax immunomodulatory agent is an antiviral, stimulates the production of interferon in the body.

Active substance Lavomax - tilorona provoking three types of interferon synthesis in the intestine, liver, lymphocytes, neutrophils.

Application Lavomax stimulates the bone marrow cells, it increases the production of antibodies. The drug is active against the causative agents of respiratory infections, viruses, parainfluenza, influenza, hepatitis, herpes.

After internal use Lavomax well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, unchanged excreted in the feces, urine. Half-life lasts two days.

Product form

Lavomax release tablets. The analogue Lavomax - Amiksin.

Indications Lavomax

Lavomax according to the instructions indicated for the prevention, treatment of viral infections: cytomegalovirus infections, hepatitis A, B, C, herpes infections, influenza, acute respiratory infections.

Good reviews of Lavomax participating in treatment of encephalomyelitis, chlamydial infections of respiratory, urogenital.

Lavomax can be administered to children after 12l., For the prevention, treatment of influenza, acute respiratory infections.


Do not take the drug if hypersensitivity to children under 12 liters, during lactation, pregnancy.

When you go to an analog Lavomax should examine their instructions as contraindications may vary.

Instructions for use Lavomax

Take Lavomax after a meal, washed down with water.

For the prevention of hepatitis A virus taking 125mg of the drug one p / wk. Treatment for 6 weeks.

For the treatment of this type of hepatitis Lavomax application is passed to the scheme: in the 1st day of taking the drug twice 125mg. On the 2nd day of taking 125 mg every two days. Over the entire course of treatment the patient should take 10 tablets.

For the treatment of hepatitis type B in the 1st and 2nd days of therapy a p / day taking 125mg Lavomax after - every two days even at 125mg. Over the entire course of therapy should be taken 16 tablets. If required prolonged treatment of hepatitis B in the first 24h. Take 125mg twice, and the second day take 125 mg every two days. The therapeutic course - 20 tablets.

Chronic hepatitis B for instructions Lavomax treated under the scheme: the first two days 250mg drink after every two days - 125 mg. After 20 tablets will be made, switch to maintenance treatment - one 125 mg p / wk.

Acute hepatitis C is treated, taking into 1st and 2nd days of therapy 125mg Lavomax one row / day, 125 mg after every two days. Total take 20 tablets.

Chronic hepatitis C is treated, taking the first 2d. 250mg and for every two days - 125 mg. After receiving 20 tablets of 125 mg taken one p / wk.

For the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, flu, adults take the first 2d. a p / day on 125 mg after every two days by 125mg. Total for the course of treatment taking 6 tablets.

In preparation for the annual epidemics are taking 125mg Lavomax one p / wk. for 6 weeks.

Good reviews of Lavomax, used in the treatment of cytomegalovirus, herpes infection. In the first 2d. take one 125mg p / day, after every two days - at 125mg. Total for the course of the patient must take 20 tablets Lavomax.

If chlamydial infection in the first two days of one p / day taking 125mg and 125mg even every two days. During the course of treatment  Amiksin - similar Lavomax
 take 10 tablets.

When neyrovirusnyh diseases Lavomax on instructions received in an amount of 125-250mg a p / day, after switching to 125 mg every 48 hrs. Treatment usually lasts 2-4ned.

For the treatment of influenza, respiratory diseases children after acute 12l. give 125 mg of a p / day for 1st, 2nd, 4th days after onset of illness. In the course of taking 375mg. If you have any complications after children 12l. take 125mg at 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th days of illness. Total for the course should take 500mg.

side effects

Reviews Lavomax mostly positive.

In some cases, there are allergic reactions, fever, minor gastrointestinal disorders. In case of side effects, stop the drug, consider switching to an analog Lavomax.