Laktogon - means for increasing lactation.  Tablets Laktogon

Pharmacological action Laktogona

Laktogon - a dietary supplement, which is due to its composition has a positive effect on milk production in lactating women.

The composition of the tablets are Laktogon carrot juice, nettle, oregano, dill, royal jelly, potassium iodide, vitamin C.

Carrot juice also is a source of beta-carotene, useful for the eyes, nails, teeth, hair, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, a well-known folk remedy to increase milk production.

Nettles - effective general tonic, which is also, like carrot juice stimulates lactation.

Oregano has a sedative, analgesic and laktogonnoe action.

Dill has a disinfecting property, dilates blood vessels, improves lactation.

Royal jelly helps in disorders of lactation, it is useful for nervous and physical exhaustion.

Potassium iodide anti-inflammatory effect, a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.

Vitamin C is included in the tablets Laktogon to maintain immunity nursing mother.

In addition to being part of such a powerful drug allows to establish lactation has reviews Laktogone showing that through the use of tablets mother, the child recovered chair, abdominal pain disappeared, appetite improved.

At tea Laktogon slightly different composition, but the grass that it includes also have a pronounced laktogonnym action - it marjoram, lemon balm, fennel and nettle.

This balm is known for its mild sedative effect, and improves digestion fennel additional child, eliminates colic, helps to remove gases from the intestines.

Product form

Tea and tablets.


Tools Laktogon according to the instructions recommend taking lactating women who have a shortage of breast milk.

Tablets Laktogon also appointed as an additional source of iodine, vitamin C.

Instructions Laktogona: how to use

 Tea Laktogon
 Tea Laktogon produce bags. Before the use of a single packet of boiled water and insist 5 or 10 minutes. To improve lactation is recommended for 10 days to drink two cups of tea a day Laktogon

Tablets recommend taking 3-4 pieces per day with meals.

There are reviews of Laktogone indicating that the first ten-day course may not be effective, so if the milk of a woman would no longer, you can drink tea or tablets again, but first consult with your gynecologist and pediatrician.

Side effects

When intolerance constitute tablets and tea can start allergies in the mother or child.


Due to the fact that part of the funds Laktogon include marjoram, they can not be taken by pregnant women.

In addition, the tablets are contraindicated in the presence of tea, and the mother or the child is allergic to their components.