Laktofiltrum - a drug used to restore intestinal microflora.

Pharmacological action

Laktofiltrum - herbal drug, sorbent, normalizes intestinal flora, promotes detoxification of the body, stimulates the immune system.

As part of the preparation are lignin (natural enterosorbent) prebiotic lactulose.

Lignin is a complex, non-toxic organic compound obtainable by treating the wood components that can bind and retain organic, inorganic compound, exo-endotoxin, heavy metals, pathogens, alcohol, allergens, drugs, excess metabolic products (histamine, bilirubin, cholesterol, serotonin, urea). Lignin is not absorbed into the bloodstream, is displayed during the day from the intestine, it has no effect on motility, intestinal secretion.

Lactulose - a synthetic prebiotic (a substance that stimulates the activity, the growth of the natural intestinal microflora thick), promotes the growth of bifidobacteria, lactobacilli in the large intestine. During the processing of lactulose forms lactic, formic, acetic acids that suppress propagation of pathogenic bacteria.

Product form

Laktofiltrum release tablets.

Indications laktofiltrum

Assign Laktofiltrum by Indication: disorders of intestinal flora, irritable bowel syndrome, cirrhosis, hepatitis, allergies, chronic colitis (included in the complex therapy).

Positive reviews about Laktofiltrum used to treat digestive disorders, dysentery, salmonellosis, to strengthen immunity during seasonal epidemics of colds.

Applied also Laktofiltrum acne, hair loss, poisoning, viral infections.


Laktofiltrum of instruction is contraindicated in: intestinal obstruction, bleeding in the gastrointestinal, hypersensitivity, galactosemia. With care use in patients with intestinal atony, gastrointestinal ulcers aggravated.

Application Laktofiltrum during pregnancy are not fully known.

Because of their pharmacological action Laktofiltrum able to bind drugs and reduce their effectiveness, so take drugs with a sorbent, respecting hour interval.

Instructions for use laktofiltrum

 Laktofiltrum pills
 Displaying Laktofiltrum internal use - for 1h. before medication or food. For patients who have difficulty swallowing a pill, children, it can be milled.

For these indications Laktofiltrum administered in dosages of: adults, children, 12l after. - Three p / day for two to three tablets; 8-12l children. - One, two tablets three p / day; 3-7l children. on the 1st tablet three p / day; children 1-3g. - At 0 Table 5. three p / day.

The instructions Laktofiltrum indicated that treatment usually lasts 2-3 weeks. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

Laktofiltrum acne take over two weeks, the result is usually noticeable within a week.

side effects

Judging by the reviews Laktofiltrum can cause flatulence, allergies, diarrhea.