Laktatsid Femina

 Emulsion Laktatsid Femina
 Laktatsid Femina - A series of intimate hygiene, reducing acid-alkaline balance of the genitals.

Pharmacological action Laktatsid Femina

In the media Laktatsid Femina contains 1% lactic acid that supports skin's protective barrier of the skin and mucous membranes of the external genitalia, as well as lactose, peanut butter, milk protein and other adjuvants.

Due to its composition Laktatsid Femina eliminate itching, odor, irritation, pain and other uncomfortable sensations in bringing the vulva caused by medication, other means of personal hygiene and so on.

Judging by the reviews of Laktatsid Femina series products do not irritate, does not dry the skin, and their additional positive feature is the fact that they inhibit the development of pathogenic micro-organisms and prevent the occurrence of inflammations of female genitals.

Soaps and alcohols of Laktatsid Femina no.

Product form

Laktatsid Femina produced in the form:

  • Gel;
  • Moussa;
  • Liquids;
  • Emulsion;
  • Wipes for personal hygiene.


These funds intimate hygiene is recommended for use during menstruation and for their completion, after sports, sex, in the heat, after a visit to a public sauna or swimming pool.

The instructions Laktatsid Femina stated that all the products in this series can be incorporated into the complex therapy of inflammations of female genitals - to stabilize the acid-alkaline balance.

Good reviews on the use of this series for the prevention of inflammation after antibiotic therapy, while taking hormonal contraceptives, after minor gynecological interventions during menopause.

Instructions Laktatsid Femina: how to use

The emulsion and the liquid concentrated enough, so before washing them diluted 1: 2 and treated with mucous and skin of the external genitalia, and then wash off.

 Femina Mousse Laktatsid
 Gel and mousse are ready-to-drink non-concentrated funds for personal hygiene.

Napkins Laktatsid Femina recommended in cases where there is no possibility to take a shower, for example, on the road. Rinsed with water after application genitalia tissues is not necessary.

All products of the series, without exception, can be used daily for personal hygiene, complement other detergents do not need. Before the use of bottles with the means recommended to shake.

side effects

Do not observed side effects after using the drug.


Contraindications to the use of means of personal hygiene Laktatsid Femina not. They can be used during pregnancy. No significant drug interactions have been recorded.