Lactase - the enzyme preparation, designed to compensate for a lack of lactase.

Mode of action of lactase

Lactase - is produced in the small intestine enzyme involved in the digestion of food and facilitates the transition of lactose (milk sugar) as galactose or glucose.

Babies enzyme give to improve the digestion of breast milk, eliminate colic and bloating.

Adults maintain normal levels of the enzyme in the intestine allows to use cow's milk, improve digestion, without any consequences to change eating habits, recover from intestinal infections.

Good reviews of the lactase used to prevent old age - against the background of the use of the enzyme significantly improves digestion and well-being of the patient.

Enzyme Source - fungi Aspergillus orizae, Aspergillus niger.

Product form

Producing the enzyme lactase capsules. For children, a special formulation Lactase baby.


Lactase drug taking as an enzyme source lactase deficiency when, to improve digestion of milk products, if there is a bad intolerance, for the symptomatic treatment of enzyme deficiency - removing intestinal cramps, diarrhea, flatulence.

Lactase Baby prescribed to children under lactase deficiency and the resulting state of poor digestion.

Instructions lactase: how to use

Adults are recommended to take the drug for the capsule during the meal, when consuming dairy products or foods that contain lactose.

The required dosage of lactase baby depends on the age of the child. Children under the capsule, the one added in the first portion of human milk, baby and give a drink then start feeding.

 Lactase Baby
 Babies 1-5l allowed to take 1-5 capsules - they are added to foods containing milk. The only condition, the food should not be hot - no more than 55 degrees.

Babies 5-7l give drink 2-7 capsules if they are able to swallow them, if not, the capsule is mixed with warm food, which has milk.

Children under 5 years old are encouraged to give only the dosage form of the enzyme, "Baby."

Side effects

Reviews of lactase, causing serious side effects have been recorded. In some cases there is an allergy.

Contraindications lactase

Formulations for Lactase instructions, including dosage form for children can not be taken in case of intolerance lactase.