A lysine

 A lysine capsules
 L Lysine - a drug used to treat herpes.

The pharmacological action of L Lysine

L Lysine is an amino acid that takes part in the process of protein production. Without lysine are not produced hormones, enzymes, antibodies are not produced, are not restored tissue growth is stunted.

It was also found that the lysine suppresses A viruses that cause respiratory infections and herpes, increases endurance and muscle strength, acts as an anabolic (increases muscle mass), improves memory, female libido and male erection, beneficial effects on the condition of the hair, is a preventive measure to prevent osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, the appearance of genital herpes recurrences.

Product form

A lysine release capsules, tablets.


A lysine administered drug for hepatitis, infectious diseases, viral nature, chronic fatigue syndrome, nervousness, irritability, with poor appetite, immunosuppression, atherosclerosis and heart disease, for exhaustion, joint diseases and osteoporosis, cataracts, retinopathy, developed against diabetes .

A lysine according to the instructions, you can also take in the intense physical exertion, stress, reproductive disorders, sexual function, with heavy hair loss.

A lysine often include power athletes who want to build muscle.

It is noted that after the course of treatment with amino acids decreases the severity of migraine headaches, menstrual cycle is adjusted, generally feel better.

Instructions L Lysine: how to use

The recommended daily dosage of the drug - 1248mg amino acids, which is 2, 5 tablets of 500 mg. Take A lysine fasting specified dosage is divided into several stages.

During remission herpes also take 1248mg of the drug daily, but for the treatment of recurrent herpes infection should be 2000-3000mg per day.

Athletes taking amino acid based 12mg / kg body weight.  A lysine tablets

It is noted that it is possible without taking the consequences of L lysine for a long time, since it is non-toxic, it is easy to deduce the excess naturally.

To improve the effectiveness of therapy is recommended to exclude from the daily diet nuts, chocolate, sunflower seeds.

Side effects of L Lysine

It has been recorded clinically significant side effects of the amino acid. In the case of individual intolerance may develop allergic reactions.


A lysine can not accept children under 12 liters, because of the high probability of growth retardation, as well as pregnant women - means may adversely affect fetal development.