Kviks - for the treatment of rhinitis.

Pharmacological action

Kviks - preparation on the basis of the Atlantic ocean water contains 2, 6% salt. Also in the ocean water are curative trace elements and minerals: manganese, silver, copper, gold, which are known for their anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties.

Kviks has anti-edema effect (changes the osmotic pressure), clears the nasal cavity, it effectively eliminates nasal, moisturizes nasal mucosa, facilitates breathing, has a bactericidal effect, suppresses local inflammation of the nasal mucosa, enhances the local immune defense, restores the physiological functions of the nose.

Trace elements, which are part of Kviks stimulate energy metabolism in the epithelium of the nasal mucous membranes, increased thinning mucus.

The active ingredient of the drug - ocean water, which contains the drug in 100 ml 84 6 ml. The remaining 15, 4ml - purified water.

Product form

Producing spray Kviks vial that contains 220 doses of ocean water.


Application Kviks shown in chronic rhinitis, acute stage, rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis, for the prevention of acute respiratory infections during seasonal outbreaks.

 Kviks Spray

Instructions for use Kviksa

Kviks Spray can be used for adults and children, since the age of three months.

Children are designated to do one or two of local irrigation in each nostril with a break 8h. (About 2-3 r / day).

Adults spend one to three irrigation in each nostril with a break 8h. (Also about 2-3 r / day).

Perhaps Kviks prolonged use, it does not cause addiction.

According to the instructions for use Kviks spray is necessary to remove the protective cap, do some test pressings, nozzle pointing to the side to hold the required amount of irrigation, after the cloth to wipe the nozzle, put on the protective cap.

The drug Kviks in an open vial pass six months.

side effects

Kviks spoke of good data on the side effects are not present. At the very beginning of the application may occur in the burning of the nasal passages.

Contraindications Kviksa

Kviks of instruction is contraindicated only in the case of individual intolerance of seawater.

Pregnant women, nursing women Kviks can be used.

The drug may be involved in treatment of the common cold, it does not interact with other drugs.