Kvamatel pills
 Kvamatel - agent for the treatment of diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Pharmacological action

In Kvamatel contains famotidine - histamine, which blocks histamine receptors in the gastric wall, due to which decreases the production of gastric juice.

Application Kvamatel reduces the concentration and amount of gastric juice, pepsin regulates synthesis.

Kvamatel not change the evacuation function of the stomach secretory function of pancreatic cancer, hepatic blood flow, does not affect the portal blood flow, the level of gastrin released fasting and after eating.

Product form

Produce solution and tablets Kvamatel.


Kvamatel of instructions given to patients with peptic ulcer gastrointestinal diseases associated with increased secretion of gastric juice.

The practice of applying Kvamatel for prevention of aspiration of gastric contents during operations with general anesthesia and preventing hyperacid postprandial state.

Good reviews of Kvamatel used in heartburn and gastralgii provoked by high acidity of gastric juice.

Instructions for use kvamatel


Kvamatel solution used for intravenous injections of infusions. In the vein of the drug is administered slowly - at least two minutes.

For carrying on the infusion powder Kvamatel instructions diluted in sodium chloride solution and mixed with a solution of sodium lactate, potassium glucose, dextrose, Ringer's solution. Were infused at least 15-30min.

Adults should take two 20 mg of the drug p / day, suffering from Zollinger-Ellison syndrome is prescribed 20 mg every 6 h.

To prevent aspiration of gastric contents during anesthesia is administered to the patient 20mg Kvamatel morning before surgery (no later than 2 hours).

The daily dosage for patients with renal insufficiency should not exceed 20 mg per minute.

Elderly patients No dose adjustment is needed.

Tablets Kvamatel swallowed whole, they can not crush.

Adults with peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer take 40 mg of a p / day in the evening or 20 mg two p / day. Treatment usually lasts 4-8ned.

Adult patients with peptic ulcer of the stomach should take one 40mg Kvamatel p / day. Therapy lasts 4-8ned.

For the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease is prescribed to take two 20mg funds p / day. Treatment lasts 6 weeks.

When the disease Zollinger-Ellison patients not undergoing treatment earlier, provide a means of 20mg every 6 h. for 4-8ned.

To prevent peptic ulcers drink preparation 20mg one row / day, usually at night.

To prevent aspiration of gastric contents during anesthesia the patient is given 40 mg before surgery.

Acceptable daily intake for patients with renal insufficiency is not less than 20mg Kvamatel. Older patients do not need to change the dose.

side effects

There are reviews of Kvamatel, that it could lead to a breach of the chair, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, cholestasis, hepatic enzymes increased activity, poor appetite, bloating, dryness of the oral mucosa, headache, fatigue, emotional lability.

Kvamatel also can cause anxiety, hallucinations, dizziness, cardiac arrhythmia, leukopenia, pancytopenia, atrioventricular block, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis, urticaria, bronchospasm, anaphylactic shock, angioedema, pruritus, toxic epidermal necrolysis, rash, muscle and joint pain, increased body temperature, acne, alopecia, gynecomastia (runs after stopping Kvamatel).

Contraindications kvamatel

According to the instructions Kvamatel should not be prescribed to children under 16 liters., During lactation, pregnancy, hypersensitivity.

Tablets are contraindicated Kvamatel suffering galactosemia, lactase deficiency, glucose-galactose malabsortsiey.

There are reviews of Kvamatel, that the medication affects your concentration, so caution should be exercised when driving a vehicle, control dangerous machinery during treatment.

Under the control of the drug should be taken in patients with kidney disease, liver sensitive to other varieties histamine receptors.