Kromoglin Spray

Kromoglin - antiallergic medication used in ophthalmology and ENT practice.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Kromoglina has anti-allergic effect, inhibits the release of leukotrienes, histamine and other biologically active substances from mast cells.

Kromoglin also warns asthmatic reaction after inhaling different allergens and non-antigenic stimuli.

Product form

Kromoglin produced in the form:

  • Eye drops Kromoglin. 1 ml contains 20 mg kromoglitsievoy acid. 10 mL plastic vials, droppers;
  • Spray Kromoglin. 15 ml contain 300 mg of active substance. The bottle with the spray of 15 ml (corresponding to 100 doses);
  • Capsules with powder for inhalation. Each capsule contains 20 mg of active substance.

Indications Kromoglina

According to the instructions Kromoglin used for:

  • Various forms of bronchial asthma - the atopic asthmatic;
  • Chronic bronchitis with bronchoobstructive syndrome.

Kromoglin also used for the prevention and treatment of allergic conjunctivitis, keratoconjunctivitis, food allergy, allergic rhinitis genesis, proctitis or proktokolita (in combination therapy).

If food allergy Kromoglin used in combination with a diet that restricts the delivery of antigen.


According to the instructions Kromoglin contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to cromoglicic acid in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and lactation Kromoglin used strictly on the evidence and with caution.

Spray Kromoglin not use in children under 5 years old, Kromoglin capsules with powder for inhalation - up to 2 years.

Kromoglin on instructions do not apply for the relief of acute asthma attacks.

Instructions for use Kromoglina

Spray Kromoglin typically used 4 times a day, 1 dose in each nostril. Dose can not be increased more than 6 times per day. To enhance the therapeutic effect can be combined with the use of Kromoglina nose drops that reduce swelling of the mucous. With the onset of improvement intervals using spray Kromoglin can be increased. The average length of treatment is usually 2-4 weeks.

 Kromoglin drops

Eyedrops typically used Kromoglin 4 times per day.

For inhalation use 1-10 mg, orally - depending on age:

  • Adults - 200 mg;
  • Children up to 14 years - 100 mg.

Kromoglin not apply to children under 2 years.

side effects

Review Kromoglin well tolerated. In rare cases, during use, it can cause allergic reactions, manifested by pain in the joints and skin rash and nausea.

At the beginning of treatment reviews Kromoglin inhalation administration may: cause coughing, irritation of the upper respiratory tract, short-term phenomenon of bronchospasm, rarely - pronounced bronchospasm, accompanied by a decrease of respiratory function.

At the beginning of treatment with intranasal administration may result in irritation of the nasal mucosa, and in rare cases, in the opinion of the Kromogline - allergic reactions and nose bleeds.

When used in ophthalmology may heat sensation in the eye and temporary disruption clarity of vision.

storage conditions

Kromoglin available without prescription. Shelf life spray Kromoglin - 5 years, eye drops Kromoglin - 3 years.