Sterile adhesive bandage Kosmopor
 In the recent past, the foreseeable treatment of various disorders of the skin accompanied by the use of a considerable amount of dressing - wool, gauze, bandages. Medicine of the 21st century uses more sophisticated modern products, one of which - Kosmopor.

Features of the application of bandages Kosmopora

Inherently Kosmopor sterile adhesive bandage with a core of soft non-woven material (polyester). The most valuable is a property Kosmopora as layering.

The first layer Kosmopora is actually a soft nonwoven substrate. Its material is an important and fundamental ability to not adhere directly to the wound surface.

The function of the second layer Kosmopora is to provide a drainage effect. It is achieved through the use of special gaskets consisting of natural cotton (viscose) pad which is covered with microscopic plastic mesh. It concerns mesh wound, but does not stick to it. In addition, the grid is both protective and absorbent properties. One gram of sorbent pad has the capacity to hold about nine grams of liquid.

The third layer is a thin Kosmopora paper liner treated with silicone. It is a kind of distributor detachable wound fluids - blood, ichor etc.

Particular coating made of cellulose, a fourth layer Kosmopora. This coating has the property of repelling moisture and protect both the dressing and the wound from the results of any foreign objects and environments.

Kosmopor securely fixed to the skin using a synthetic rubber adhesive which in its composition does not contain rosin. Using the nonwoven substrate can be run on the movable parts of the body and extremities.

In the place of fixation dressings Kosmopora practically no adverse skin reactions, which can be explained using a hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive. When using Kosmopora, in accordance with instructions and medical advice, not noted any side effects. This makes it ideal for the treatment of specific diseases in pregnant women, newborns, nursing and allergies.

Among other things, the bandage from Kosmopora provide normal air permeability, gland secretions, as well as a full painless removal at dressing changes.

Indications Kosmopora and sizes of bandages

Headband Kosmopora widely used in trauma and surgical practice. Especially effective postoperative dressings from Kosmopora if bleeding or discharge.

Also, positive results were observed when using Kosmopora in the treatment of bedsores in bedridden patients with venous ulcers and inflamed.  The main application of bandages Kosmopor - Traumatology and Surgery

Application Kosmopora is also justified in the home at various wounds and injuries. When used alone, you must first determine the size of the respective size of the wound dressing. On the shelves of pharmacies and Farmmarket Kosmopor available sizes:

  • 7 * 5 cm 2,
  • 15 * 6 cm
  • 10 * 8 cm,
  • 15 * 8 cm,
  • 20 * 8 cm,
  • 20 * 10 cm
  • 25 * 10 cm
  • 35 * 10 cm.

Open the package Kosmopora be specified by the manufacturer in place. Carefully taking out a need to remove one piece of paper and attach a bandage covering the wound and press gently smooth. Then remove the paper backing and stick the same way the second part Kosmopora. The pad thus should completely cover the wound. Headband Kosmopora changes in an individual mode, but no less than once every three days.

Kosmopor: the best European traditions

Kosmopor is an international trading and a patented drug is available on the market under the names Kosmopor E and Kosmopor steril; Obviously, the first product is sterile, and the latter is intended for cases where sterility is required.

Manufacturer of products is the German company Hartmann, for many years the leading European market as a manufacturer of more than 2, 5 thousand of innovative medical and hygiene products.