Korvalment - soothing (sedative) medication that can be used as an antiemetic.

Pharmacological action

Korvalment has a therapeutic effect is mainly due to its composition being in menthol, which affects the oral mucous nerves, then a response is expanded coronary vessel. Also increases the synthesis of kinins, histamine, endorphins, enkephalins, dilates blood vessels of other peptides. Soothing provided part of the isovaleric acid.

Eliminating ischemic symptoms after applying Korvalment is weak.

Application Korvalment effective for air, sea-sickness - the drug acts as an anti-emetic.

Preparation action begins within one to three minutes and lasts 15-30min.

Product form

Korvalment release sublingual as soft capsules.

Indications Korvalment

According to the instructions Korvalment prescribed for cardialgia, hysteria, sickness syndrome, nervousness, not heavy strokes.


Korvalment of instruction is contraindicated in: acute circulatory brain pathologies, acute myocardial infarction, severe hypotension. It is impossible to prescribe a drug for children suffering from diabetes mellitus (due to the sugar content in the vehicle), take stenokardicheskie under heavy attack.

During lactation, pregnancy Korvalment appoint special indications.

In the first hours after taking the drugs should refrain from driving, complex mechanisms - due to the appearance of sleepiness, dizziness.

Korvalment can be taken together with vitamins, Riboxin, asparkamom (resources, improves metabolism). Also, when using medications should be aware that it can increase the effect of medicines against hypertension, alcohol, anesthesia, opioid analgesics and sedative effects of psychotropic drugs.

Simultaneous treatment with Korvalment neurotropic medications can cause drowsiness, depression of the nervous system.

Instructions for use Korvalment

 Korvalment capsules
 Capsule Korvalment hold to dissolve under the tongue. To speed up the action, you can see through the capsule.

Multiplicity of administration of the drug depends on the number stenokardicheskie attacks, during which take one capsule.

For the treatment of angina and other conditions Korvalment daily dosage can be increased up to six capsules (0 6gr). Therapy usually lasts no more than a week.

side effects

Application Korvalment can cause nausea, watery eyes, abdominal discomfort, dizziness. Long-term therapy may lead to hypotension, cause drowsiness. These side effects are of short duration. It can also develop an allergy (including itching, rash, angioedema).

Overdose Korvalment characterized by low blood pressure, nervous system depression, nausea, agitation, headache, heart disorder, intolerance reactions (rash, urticaria, angioneurotic edema, pruritus). These side effects go away after the end of treatment of symptomatic treatment.