Korneregel - ophthalmic agent.

Pharmacological action

Korneregel - a drug for topical ophthalmic use, which is inherent regenerative effect.

Active substance means - dexpanthenol, releasing the active ingredients which have the properties of pantothenic acid, but it is better penetrate the epithelium.

The drug is involved in metabolic processes, accelerates the healing of damaged eye and mucous tissues of the skin.

Product form

Produce gel Korneregel drop.


Eye Korneregel used to treat erosive lesions, degenerative, infectious (including viral, fungal, bacterial) diseases of the cornea, keratitis, keratoconjunctivitis dry.

Good reviews of Korneregel, used by patients with corneal burns of various kinds.

The drug can be used as treatment and prevention of corneal damage in contact lens wearers.

Instructions for use Korneregel

 Korneregel eye
 Korneregel for instructions instilled into the conjunctival sac of the 1st drop of 3.5 p / day. Contact lenses should be removed and put on them only after 15 min after instillation of the drug.

Ocular Korneregel can be used in long-term therapy. The tip of the tube with drops touching your eyes when you can not instillation. After each use, the tube should be closed. Drops in opening the package suitable for use only 6 weeks.

Side effects

There are reviews of Korneregel, that their application runs normally without consequences.

In some cases, patients with intolerance means mark the appearance of irritation, burning, redness of eyes and other allergic reactions.

Data on overdose and negative consequences it is not.

Contraindications Korneregel

Korneregel Drops should not be used in case of hypersensitivity. Increased caution should be exercised in patients undergoing treatment, the work of which is related to driving and other complex mechanisms.

According to the instructions prescribed with caution Korneregel suffering from renal insufficiency.

During pregnancy, lactation means prescribed in rare cases, on special grounds.

If treatment is provided by combining the drug with other ophthalmic local media, between their applications need to take a break for about five minutes, and Korneregel instilled last.