Korizaliya - homeopathic remedy for the treatment of rhinitis.

Pharmacological action

Korizaliya used to reduce the intensity of the inflammation, swelling, redness of the nasal mucosa, severity of sneezing, rhinorrhea.

There are reviews of Korizaliya, that after treatment the expressed improvement in rhinitis.

Product form

Korizaliya release tablets.


Korizaliya according to the instructions indicated for the symptomatic treatment of patients suffering from respiratory acute diseases that are accompanied by sneezing, nasal congestion, profuse discharge of mucus from the nasal cavity.

Good reviews of Korizalii applied in treatment of allergic rhinitis.

Instructions for use Korizalii

The tablets are intended for sublingual use. Share or crush the tablet can not hold it under the tongue to dissolve. Eating and drinking for half an hour after administration of the drug is not recommended - in order to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Korizaliya tablet for children up to 6 liters. can be pre-dissolved in water.

The manual contains Korizaliya this dosage for treatment: the first day of treatment take one tablet every hour, after over four days, take one pill every two hours.

If the patient's condition improved rapidly with the 2nd day, you can take one pill 3-4 p / day.

Usually the treatment lasts Korizaliey 5d. Permissible daily dose - 12 tablets.

 Korizaliya pills
 If within a few days of treatment, significant therapeutic effect has not occurred, contact the attending physician, if necessary, change the drug

side effects

Reviews Korizaliya mostly positive. In some cases it was reported allergic reactions to the drug, associated with individual intolerance.

Data on overdose are no funds.

Contraindications Korizalii

Korizaliya can not appoint agents of intolerance, patients with an allergy to fructose, sucrose-izomaltoznoy failure, malabsorption of glucose-galactose.

Korizaliya for children up to two years is contraindicated. With care and special indications prescribed drug for pregnant women, breastfeeding women.

The possibility to control the car, complex mechanisms, engage in activities requiring concentration, means no effect.